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Update: Call chat heads are a big NOPE for me. Please give us a way to turn then off. Never liked them, even when FB messenger tried to do it however many years ago. The spam warning is great, but why in the world can't you make it not ring when it's spam? Enjoy it!

PLEASE READ: I talked with Google support. This seems to be a issue with a third party app. Most people are seeing the dialer take several seconds to launch the call. Aslo the drop down call menu not working at all. I place my device in safe mode and everything on the dialer works. So it's a third party app. I did a factory reset and did not restore from a backup but instead did a fresh install. Pain in the butt having to install each app. Now my dialer works fine. However when I did a factory reset and restored from a backup and still had the issue. Amazing!

Android has really stepped it up with the Phone app. Looking back at the older versions, I can't imagine how we survived. The mini view is wonderful, although I'd love the ability to use other options in addition to the three available. Spam alerts are a godsend. All in all, a very useful updated experience! Enjoy it!

The swipe up to answer call and down to reject design is so AWFUL. Sometimes I can't swipe down. The call answer/reject should be simple separate buttons (like the one which drops down from top when Ur in another app). Plus, what's the point of having a beautiful HD contact pic if it shows in a tiny circle. I used to like the big contact picture when call came in, in the previous version. It was so obvious in a instant who's calling. Highly Recommend.

It's badly needed that this app supports phone number blocking WITH wildcards (ie blocking incoming calls based on certain number pattern, such as blocking all numbers starting with 1234, as an example: +1 213 1234 ***). 3rd party apps can do it very well but, we need it on the Android's stock native phone dialer app. Just wow

Please solve the duplicate contacts issue we are facing in Mi A1 phones. Also give option to show only contacts which are stored in our Sim cards. wow lol

All call are show Missed call and sometime app are work very slowly and get time to dialing any body Not bad

Please activate proximity sensor and off the screen when phone kept in pocket during incoming call. Because screen is in activation when in pocket, during incoming calls. When phone pull out from pocket, any actions of touch done by mistake, and call disconnected. Please solve this problem. Go well

There should be an option to choose a sim card when making a call. Like on long press or something. Because option "ask every time" is not very efficient. And sometimes you don't want to use a default sim card. Sliding up and down to receive/reject a call is awkward, sliding left/right was much better. There is no option for call recording. Contacts tab is a mess - if you have a person's phone number in different apps (for example Contacts and Telegram), it will display this person 2 times instead of an option to group by name. Perfect

Easy to use, love the spam caller background, and with the new mini icon that shows up when you multi tasking during a call. Great! Amazing!

It has some prblem.sometime it doesn't work. I touch the call icon but nothing happens.other option works.I have to restrt my phn to call again. Works great

Spam waring. And mini call view is not showing in my updated.. even I'm using nexus 5 Flawless

If phone is in pocket during call pickup call windows disappears, then unlock the phone then slide it down it is very irritating. Marvelous

Whose dumb decision was it to show phone number type instead of actual phone number on dial screen in the new update?! Brilliant

This is good one .The mini view is very helpful Is it possible ti chnage the colour of the call scree .I m getting the the pink background while i make a call or receive . Is it possible to change the colour??? Recommend

Hi, Phone please add in this some feature. example Flash light during incomings call & voice recorder.I like this app I hope solw my solutions. Fantastic

Other than sometimes not sending the call right away when I press it, it does exactly what I need it to do Awesome

Update application before it display number of caller now it not display number it display text like Mobile or Home Recommend

I like the app and experience. Mini view is very useful. Small issue that I can see within the app is that contacts images are bad quality after some time. Not sure what causes the issue, but it only happens then Google contact is added from Phone/Contacts app, but everything is good if I add contact image from computer browser. Pretty good

(Pixel 1) my voice mail notification won't go away, even after I deleted the voicemail. It's really annoying Marvelous

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