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Nice and clean, I like it but what about adding shortcuts? I like to be able to create shortcuts to my home screen.... Recommend

Firstly i gave it a 5 start , it works fine , its speeder than other and i love save offline page , Why its has an adds when it has adds block mode , its annoying and that new feature in the last release that popup button appear when i browse any page and auto hide for toolbar its very annoying me please remove it and remove add , let toolbar hide and appear with scrolling not that button , and i am always use this app and used it read articles and i feel it neat but when that button appear i feel that the page its not neat and not comfortable Just wow

I have used most of the major browsers in the past I decided to try this one and I am definitely keeping it. It is very fast and the ease of operation is smooth. The bookmark categories are very simple to use as are the other app areas. Great!

It's nice clean and fast, with entertainment and function features..... Still as all others, behind Chrome for pure speed. 5 star

Nice browser...but please how can I save pages offline, am having challenges with that... wow lol

Guys this app is soooooo good. Am recommend to download this and use this. Thanks to developer team Not bad

Phoenix app works much better than Firefox on my Samsung phone. Firefox kept locking up my entire phone and many times I would have to restart my phone. I only installed Firefox because I heard so many good things about it. Phoenix works great on my Samsung phone and Firefox failed miserably. Muito bom!

I liked the app. Very fast but wont let me use youtube. I listened to one video but closed it and said I violated their policy. You tube works on other browsers but not this one. Cool

The application works faster than other application. I really enjoy this experience. Fabulous!

I don't usually do ratings I mean this is the first ,but this browser is has the intelligence,layout and uniqueness of chrome,the speed and user friendliness of uc browser and so much more Omg

Great browser but the ad blocker could be so much better and way more efficient...improve on that for a 5* review. wow lol

After a week of using this, I love it. Have used quite a few and this is the best for reliable loading and speed for me Just wow

It's an awesome app with great display and wonderful speed. One of the best browsing app so far so good. Must have

Just so wonderful, people should gotta it on the phone, so sure you guys gonna enjoy a lot trust me, I do so much more, thanks guys for that app Perfect

I love this browser it's very usefull and beautiful theme fast download fast websearching Well done!!

Liked this browser. Good,useful and speed on download. At least better than my own browser 5 star

Slick, fast and solid. The bottom address bar is addictive - one click with your thumb and you're ready to type. Very well implemented, (better than in Yandex). This browser would be impeccable if it wasn't for one major flaw: Why on earth have you swapped the icon of the tab navigation with the settings in toolbar? It's the TAB NAVIGATION that needs to be most readily accessible. If you manage to add one more toolbar style where those two buttons are positioned inversely you will not only have my 5 stars but also my sincere conviction that this truly is the best and unmatched Android browser. Edit: I'm taking one star away, some add just popped advertising Eagle app or whatnot. Cool

Where can I post my suggestion list for this browser for improvement? Also good effort in making this browser really appreciate it. Good

Really good browser with useful features but it eats too many ram,also doesnt block all ads and the google account sync fails. Enjoy it!

Not bad for a browser. Wish it had a feature where you save pictures without having to download them. Overall, it's a good browser. Still testing it though. Amazing!

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