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The story blew me away! Very compelling, it drew me right in with the combination of animation, audio and story elements. Would sure like to know how Audrey is handling herself now. Perhaps time for a sequel? Highly Recommend.

The story isn't that great, but the medium is just awesome. The drawings make very good use of the effects, the frame-less scrolling is interesting, and the sounds also help set the atmosphere. Impressively good work. Very very well done, and I hope to see more like this! Works perfectly

It's visually impressive, though there was the occasional motion blur when scrolling. Go well

Superb storytelling! Even on my old phone it runs nicely. Props for Smallbang and the team behind this beautiful story. Cool

Great story and innovative way of feeling immersed in the story with the sounds and movements Fantastic

Amazingly reinvent the comics for the phone as a media. I just wonder why it needs access to my contacts and internet connection to start the app once media has been installed. Works perfectly

Excellent This is a terrific example of how to use modern technology to expand comic strip art. The use of side scrolling and combined with subtle sound and animation add depth to an absorbing story of myths, science and personal trauma. Perfect!

Fantastic Motion Comic! An intriguing story that receives full points for its presentation! Incredible art coupled with great sound design allows readers to experience the narrative through a seamless and continuous audiovisual motion comic strip. Just the type of the content to reassure us that storytelling must triumph over superficial "free to play" apps void of meaning. Great job

Excellent récit Scénario solide, mise en image très puissante. La réalisation technique de cette bande est parfaite, et l'accompagnement sonore enrichit le tout. Awesome

Really love it. It's so great, It's so beautiful, and the draws are amazing, the story line is just perfect. It's mysterious, dramatic, funny and scary some times, it's really inmersive so it gives kind of a 3d effect which is awesome!. Love the music, It's really inmersive as well and really accurate at certain situations. Really awesome graphic scrolling novel, Super good job guys!. KEEP THE GOOD JOB GUYS, CHEERS!. Worth a go!

Amazing! I cannot even put into words how phenomenal this story. Great visuals along with music that adds to the overall atmosphere. The story is very engaging, I highly recommend people on giving it a try. Great job

Stunning! Amazing story, amazing artwork, amazing sound. It all flowed together so well and it's one of the most immersive stories I've read. Absolute beauty. Worth it!

Superbe! Magnifique BD interactive. Dessins superbes, très bonne histoire, animations au top... À lire absolument! Muito bom!

Beautiful. It's an amazing story of self-discovery, self-healing, and the process of generally finding yourself. It's beautiful, experience it yourself. Flawless

Wonderful! I loved this, loved the story, loved the graphics, loved the sound effects/track and the 3d aspects of it. So wonderful. Well done. Marvelous

Amazing! I loved everything, the story, the drawings, the music... I'd love to read more stories like this! Must have

amazing! no, really. you should install and experience this. it's one of the most creative, immersive and unique stories you'll ever find. I keep hoping for a sequel, or other stories done in a similar technique because, wow Awesome

Amazing!! Love the app, artwork, concept and story. This is very, very interesting way of storytelling, like a combination of comics and books; it's immersive, keeps you hooked and wanting more. The story is amazing, brilliant and I loved it through and through. The artwork and transitions are beautiful and wonderfully executed. Astonishing job! Not bad

A fantastic experience I am a fan of the drawn story, but the use of parallax effect and audio enhances this story immensely in a way that compliments the primary visuals. It does however feel like the first part of a longer story as the ending is a little weak. Brilliant

HOLY COW In philliana you don't just read the novel, you EXPERIENCE it. I've never felt so immersed in a book. The music perfectly sets the mood and the story is very well paced. I could feel the character's tension and fear and in some moments my heart nearly stopped with excitement and anxiety. I'm showing this to everyone I know. I hope there's more to come because this is the first time I've ever read something as beautiful as this. Muito bom!

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