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Loved it and its the only game on my fone btw thing is so unfaire when we complete the levels and a competition game is on and wa laa there no levels to challenge the other player I usually replaying my levels to earn new stars to get fit in the race.. Great!

Great game but the silver shop hasn't been displaying it's items for quiet a while now Works great

Love this game so much and I love the adorable faces and reactions of all the pets! The only drawback is that I'm at the end and have to anxiously await new episodes!! But overall this game is my favorite!! Highly Recommend.

I love the game but since one of the updates my mobile vibrates and buzzes even although my media volume is off as well as the game sounds. The other king games I play don't have the same problem. Please fix it . Awesome

I like playing Pet Rescue I'm ready to play my rescue again so hurry up and get my levels going Superb!

Great game, but I am having an issue right now. I brought a new phone and reinstalled the game, but all my boosts are no longer there. Can you all please restore my boosts. Thank you Works perfectly

More levels or people will not play much more. You're going to start losing monet Surprisingly

Its quite addictive. But the only part i dont is that sometimes i get to play a very difficult level for days Fabulous!

Love this game and all the new way to buy things also love the gold silver and bronze pets you have to collect to get a great booster. Awesome

My only problem is there's more levels available on the computer than there is for mobile Marvelous

Luv this game it keeps me relaxed. Challenging at some levels and sometimes funny. Excellant. Surprisingly

Highly addictive i never have any problems with the app but new episodes need to be made available more quickly. We shouldn't be waiting weeks!! Had to down rate from 5 as new episodes are very slowing in coming. Make new episodes quicker and I'll rate 5 stars again Great job

I think it stinks when you come to a spot, & your on it for a month or more, when you people control the speed!! There is no way possible a person can get 8 pets with only 2 butterflies at a time. That's just NOT fair gaming, in my eyes cheating!! I love this game otherwise, when YOU people play fairly!! No I don't buy extra things on these games, because for one, I can't afford it, & two , that's challenge enough. !! I play fair, so why don't you people!! It makes me not want to play this game anymore!! Don't be so unfair!! Awesome

Updates are to slow......I'm completing the levels before the updates.....Please update frequently so that I can continue to play without waiting weeks for updates. Fantastic

Level 1203 is totally impossible. No boosters will help. Help online shows totally different stage. Please revise!!! Brilliant

I can't win in the Rescue Race if I don't have any more levels to play, but still love the game. Pretty good

Great game love how u can go back redo levels love the bonuses u get and the weather alert keep up the great job Not bad

Liked when you could buy the block busters with only 3000 coins now it's 9000 that sucks I'm on level 1851 and i don't really play that much anymore Just wow

I love this game! It doesn't take long to start another game once you lose your lives! It's also a stress reliever for me. Amazing!

Game very addictive I played all 2052 levels more levels need to be created pet rescue is a part of my daily routine love it so Brilliant

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