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Great game but some of the harder ones take so long to complete, you get a bit fed up. Having said that, it is still very addictive and as a bonus you sometimes get extra hours to play which really helps you get through the tough levels.I have 262,000 silver coins but can't connect to the playstore to use them, which is really annoying. Worth a go!

The only thing i dislike about this game is when i have to wait for new episodes. This game is awesome Omg

Still my favorite game. Wish there was a way to get more gold bars besides purchasing them. Works perfectly

I've been playing this game for a long time, I got a new phone and once I did all my power ups got deleted. They started back at zero. I'm so pissed. It took me a long time to gain all the power ups I got, now they are gone. I'm not happy. Enjoy it!

I won 6 paint cans in total after winning a few challenges but they are missing from my list. I would rate this 5 if the rewards were actually available to play with. Amazing!

I'd have given you 4 stars, but because the "autofinish" is useless as it won't allow you to clear a level with the 10k bonus Worth it!

Anytime am lonely, pet rescue help me out of my loneliness. Good game good company Pretty good

Well I was enjoying the game working hard my levels and all of the sudden I received out of nowhere almost hundreds of millions coins. Thus, I could have any boosters I wanted and every level could be passed like a piece of cake. You may wonder " and you are complaining" . Well that was simply wrong and possibly suspicious and it took away the challenge and pleasure of actually playing this cute game. Has anyone else experienced anything like that or know what could have possible happened and a received these millions? Just in case I just deleted the app and try to re install. Omg

Loved this game then on level one hundred and something I got bored. I was basically able to pass every level and it gets old pretty quick Flawless

I downloaded this game a week ago and been playing fine I get on to play today and all my boosters are gone except 1 key I used a few of them but not even close to what's gone I am kinda mad not sure if I want to continue to play if my stuff is just gonna dissapear. Must have

If y'all can't update a whole level then please don't update at all I hate playing 1 level at a time Pretty good

I love the game!!! But, Sometimes you would get these impossible to beat levels that takes forever and all of your lives to beat. But loooo ve the overall game and gameplay, 5 star

Very nice game! Puzzle in!! Je viens juste de terminer le niveau 2052 super difficile, en faisant un super score!!! Bien que très satisfait de, j'ai à attendre compléter le suivant, afin de updatter l'autre épisode. Voilà!!! Not bad

I am ADDICTED. REACHED LEVEL 1700! But i really hate that they limit my lives! I really hate that! Brilliant

Love the game a lot. Just that we have to wait too long to play the next level while it use to open for us right away to enter and play next level but now is like we have to wait to keep updating the game in other to play next level Go well

Need to let you keep leftover weapons if you make it threw a level with lot's of lives left And more special bonuses for​ each level Worth it!

I love this game very much. I play every minute, every time, every day , all time over years , I finish all levels , I need more and more , I wait for new levels , hurry up , don't let me wait more . Marvelous

Need to make new levels they made more I just catch them faster than they make LMAO more often been waiting a long time ok again please update this game love playing the game but the updates r a long time from one to other and then the levels r not long enough then u have to pay to go to next level are do the challenge just hurry up with next level please going to take star away until a new level opens up please update this game it's not right to open 9 levels then have to wait a month to open and one star gone pay ever other time 0pen more levels they did but i catch them faster than they make them lmao Worth a go!

It's very addictive I'm in love with this game. I beat it already just takes a while to come up with new levels, other than that I love it. Just wow

Found the tip place but the games don't match up. Stupid that the boosters went from 3000 to 9000 coins and so much harder to get. 5 star

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