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Pet hero saga Wen i'm board this is the game I play and wen I start playing it I just can't stop playing it I luv it sooooooooo much.:-) :-) :-)

Getting frustrated! I usually have had no issues with this game but now people are sending me request and I'm not getting them and i can't unlock even though i know people have helped me! Please fix!

Pet rescue Same with all these saga games you always have to purchase something or you will be just stuck waiting on tickets from your friends that play.

Adorable But I can't get pass level 34:(((( guess I gotta stop playin but I did enjoy the game til this level.

Issues Can't ever get episode tockets from friends they say they say they send but never get. Stuck for 2 weeks because of this

:-) One of the best games. I have not spent any money on this game and have been playing it mostly happily for a year!

628 please!!! I actually love this game. It's fun and is a great time killer. But I have to wait quite long before the level I'm on get to be available on mobile. And that's quite a turn off a little bit. The rest is ok.

I likelike this one!! Good challenges! Takes awhile to get to harder levels, they are so easy at first. But when you get there it's a a lot of fun

I refuse to pay ransom. This is a fun game. The graphics are awesome and the music is not nerve racking. But the higher the level the more time allowed between games. Either you pay to play the higher levels or wait 24 hours to play the next level. Or throw your friends and family to the wolves! TRIPPIN!! YALL TRIPPING HARD

Love it I love this game it is very addictive :) but it is a shame that the levels only go up in 15 after the update as they are very easy and I get to the end very quick and then I have withdraw symptoms waiting for the update ;) please make the levels more difficult or create more and faster please xxx

It says it's free. You only get a few levels then you must pay to continue.

Warning! This game is super addictive. I thought candy crush was bad.. It's a fun game. I'm glad it gives me something to do while I'm waiting on lives in Candy Crush.

The game is fair and challenging. Some levels are difficult, but persistence will allow the player to conquer the level and move on.

I tried to unlock a level by purchasing the "unlock" and although I was charged for the in app purchase the level has yet to unlock and it has been several hours. I won't make any other in app purchases with this game and I may have to stop playing now.

I love, LOVE this game, (THE LITTLE TURTLES ARE SO ADORABLE!) but I don't like having to wait 24 hrs before I can play again. I will play a flat fee for a game that I enjoy, but these pay-as-you-go games are BS!!

I can't stand that this game forces you to use your bonus material. There is no way to just redo the level. Very frustrating.

Good game but the levels are getting harder

Addictive!! Love this game. The pets are so cute. The levels are challenging but not impossible. Very enjoyable to play.

Pet saga! Love it just sucks how u can recharge all those thing that help me get the animals down like the balloons the keys , hammer those stuff. With having to pay for it.Other then that the games cool. Recommend to install Pet Rescue Saga APK.

#brain-training Like It! It turns out I really like this game. I didn't think I would at first because I am such a pet advocate and I didn't want to play any games that would hurt a pet, but this game does not do that. It's all fun.

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