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Erased all progress I only had 5 levels left to finish levels already loaded and spent lots of money on more lives then the game completely resets and takes me back to level one. I want to know who to contact to get my money back. This is ridiculous.

Cool Very addictive but since i updated it i can't see my pets that i have to rescue. I don't no whats happened. Just saying thank you to whom fixed the problem i now can see my pets :-)

Soooo Addicted Wish u guys hurry up and produce more boards..I beat level 657 over a week ago and I'm tired of waiting for it to allow me to update..I would also like to see more boards with higher heights and less of the boards that requires moves

Needs option to turn off tutorials. The constant instructions get very annoying when you've been playing the same level for a while. Need to make it so they only show the first time something new is introduced to the game.

GAME IS NOT FREE! I really enjoy playing the game, but I now realize that the developers have taken advantage of my addiction to PS. Majority of my play time is on my Android. The Developers have rigged the game to force you to pay to get to the next Levels. I'm also unable to connect to FB, which limits me from asking Friends for additional Lives. I believe it's time to Uninstall this game. (PSA) Pet Saga Anonymous

Awesome! Nice change up from candy crush! I am so addicted and I love this game! Some bugs on my nexus 5 with the app. The ask friends for help always fails.

Love love| I'm addicted to this game. My mother in law and I are always competing on who can get thee highest score and who's further in the game.

Keep it going Level 653 keeps stalling out. If I need to replay a level, I shouldn't have to see the same slow transition ten more times. It is annoying.

Hard as hell!! But fun :D The only king game that doesn't start out fun and begin to feel rigged after a while lol its a challenge but in a good fun way because the levels are actually a puzzle to be solved the game doesn't adapt to be certain you can't beat it rationally like the other king games

Great App! Great app! Emotional you will be up, down, angry, frustrated, heart pounding and screaming Omg! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Error I love playing this game but I recently while playing the level 653 I noticed an unnatural behaviour in thr game. The game turns into a deadlock condition when two of line blasters break in two different lines with 0 time. None of the line blaster in this case blasts the line which I think is programmed in such a manner that they depend on each other and thus the game turns into deadlock. This happened 5 times while I was playing that level. So the programmers must look into this matter

Like The only thing I don't like is that you have to wait so long for the next quest.

Needs to be fixed So this game is really fun but I am so sick of not being able to get the things ppl send me!!! I get a notification that so and so sent me a request (ie needed to move to a new level) and yet when I click the notification the game does not show it!! Super super frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm Off! Finally! I have a serious addiction to this game, and waiting for updates to move forward drives me crazy!

Pet rescue saga Fun but yet frustrating at times.. need to offer more bigger bombs and other things like that. All and all a good game

Ehh Im ready to delete it all because i cant move on to the next level because im waiting for fb friends to help me unlock it. I refuse to spend money, so something else needs to be done to where you can move on without help or spending money

658 please!!! I actually love this game. It's fun and is a great time killer. But I have to wait quite long before the level I'm on get to be available on mobile. And that's quite a turn off a little bit. The rest is ok.

Addicted! Add some mini games you guys that has different kind of game! But even though without it, it's still my fave game..besides it has like 600 levels so it's cool.

Hope I can't give it a higher rating because it has me stuck on a certain chapter and it won't allow me to use the help I get from my friends to unlock other chapters. It is a really cute and fun game if it worked properly. Why is it doing this? It is finally fixed and working great. I do enjoy playing this game

Love this game I love playing pet rescue. I'm addicted. This is how I pass time when I'm bored. But when will the next update be!? I need more levels! I've already played the 642 current levels...been waiting on more for over a wk now! Come on with more levels... :-)

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