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My lives Ppl have sent me lives and I can't collect on them. Really like this game but I can't play wont let me....will rate higher if this is fixed....playing on a samsung tablet...

VERY UPSET I spent 0.99 cents to unlock the next episode & the game still won't allow me to move on! I have to keep asking facebook friends & wait on 3 of them to send me tickets! I click the buy now button & Google play pops up & says I already own this item! I'm oblivious please fix this & I will give a 5 star rating.. YOU GUYS JUST FIXED MY PROBLEM THANK YOU SO MUCH NOW IN GOING TO CONTINUE PLAYING THIS GAME IS ABSOLUTELY ADDICTIVE AMAZING

My Addiction! The first game i hve actually spent money on! Super addictive. Pets ar so cute. The satisfaction i get when i rescue dem is jus priceless! Haha!

fun this is a great game. its challenging ,, fun ,, && keeps you quite entertained....but be warned when you get get stuck lol

Game Love the game I have completed all 672 levels as of 8/31/2014 Update ASAP plz!!!!!!!!!

Bomb blaster I like th old version if the bombs better they were bigger and didnt seem to blend in with the rest if the blocks

Mean game Its very addictive game but now wont let me play on my samsung tab?? When I launch the app it just comes up with king at the start and then crashes wont let me play?? Tried goin through Facebook bt still does the same thing? Can u please fix?

Stuck! I've completed level 147 several times but the game won't advance. Contacted King Games but received an auto response so they aren't offering any kind of support.

frustrating Love the concept of the game BUT it is very frustrating when every now and again it wipes the history cLear. For example this is the fourth time I have gone in and all had to start over. It should have been in level sanywhere around level250 but is at zero. Annoying in itself but even more so when you have had to pay to unlock levels. I feel ripped off, didn't get what I paid for. This has occurred on 3 out of 4 devices in this house.

Still love it BUT... Love this game but currently annoyed with the phone version! It connects me to Facebook but when I request unlocks or lives it tells me I need to connect to Facebook again and after taking ages tells me I failed to connect!!! Driving me mad! Plays fine in my other devices. I have a SONY EXPERIA L. Please fix this! :-(

One of King's best games Since new update, game freezes, doesn't acknowledge when the lvl is over, and sometimes doesn't advance pets. Please address! This normally great game is all frustration now :(

Pet Rescue Saga Good clean fun for the whole family. Don't like the idea of having to buy into additional levels so u stay put at level 43.

Level 653 is not working correctly the timers will not go off when suppose to and once we are out of moves the game does not end That Need to be fixed asap so that I can continue to enjoy my fav game... Besides these errors I absolutely love this game and would rate it 5 stars...

My favorite Great game. I just bought extra lives and level 664 (the new ones) is messing up. I've lost two lives due to it freezing up. Never happened before, so if u could fix it and refund my money, id appreciate it. Keep up the good work. This is my favorite game.

Great game ...but i cannot unlock the level without the help of my fb friends.. its been 3 weeks now, i cant play the game anymore

Good Game but... It's fun & addictive. I love it! BUT, why does it take so long to get the newly added levels on Android? We have to wait too long after you've added them to Facebook! The longer I have to wait, the more I lose interest.

Love it just one problem. I hate having ti contact Fb to get lives. Some how I ha 843767 minutes until a life... wtf? I'm about to uninstall

What's happening Love all the king games but why do I have to play them through Facebook all the time please fix I used to be able to play through apps I am losing my temper if don't fix soon will unistall all games

Bubble witch I forgot to mention the game would be a lot better if the lines would go to far away sides and they don't. The line that matches a far away side ball won't go that far. When you point the line with the ball the line isn't steady it moves to much. I love this game but it has issues. You can get to the top because you can't get to the sides that darn line up line won't let you. Fix please and ill give it a 5 star.

I love this game BUT..... I just reinstalled it on my new phone and it will not allow me to connect to Facebook ,,, it's very annoying ,,,I'm on a very high level so there's really no sense in playing if I have to start over .....if fixed its well worth five stars but as of this moment it's just wasting space on my phone .....please fix

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