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I love the game but after this last update I can no longer play. When I go to the opening screen it's enlarged and so blurry that I can't see it. Please fix this bc I've been playing this game for years and would hate to have you delete it everytime I get a new phone I download it Superb!

Well my review was erased so that doesn't make me happy. Game is mostly luck based on which blocks fall. Can be frustrating, been stuck on level 1810 for over a month. Marvelous

Great to pass the time, ads are not intrusive and the game is tricky in places. Only downside is the number of message boxes that come up when you first start the game, hence 4, not 5 stars. Enjoy it!

Some times when it ends it's annoying. Especially when you still could make another move. Go well

Based on luck of the blocks falling. I've been stuck on level 1810 for over a month so it can be frustrating. wow lol

I am loving it. The game is at its best ever. I no longer can see my friends on the board. I would like to see their progress.i would like to see more bonuses and tools to play. Muito bom!

Love pet rescue but getting annoyed now cos have to wait more than a week for a new level to open Must have

I love this game and the cure little pets but you could be a little more generous with the wins after we purchase ftom you.You steal our credits really quick.But other than that it is a great game. Not bad

I love pet Rescue I'm addicted only thing I've got to wait ages to open new levels x Fabulous!

I like playing the game, however, you raised the price of items to purchase with points. Too high. 5 star

I love this game so much I am addicted I just don't understand why we have to wait 2 weeks before we can update I beat the game in one day the whole entire game can you please find a way to update this game weekly Not bad

When can I expect the new update can't wait I'm stuck at the blocking, please I love tis game Must have

However the "weather alerts" are absurd and impossible to do. Like a challenge BUT it is ridiculous Enjoy it!

I used to be able to get a set of hammers for 3000 paw points now it's 9000. DISLIKE Works great

I love this game, it's a great time passer & helps me pass my anixity & stress & I also play at nite to help me sleepy. Its a super game. "But" I have already spent bout $20-30 dollars on here to help me through the bored. Some are really hard which i think y'all should give us some extras to help us along. I cant & won't keep blowing money to pass a level.. (Not kool) please fix game to help us along. & throw in some extra moves too mostly on the extra hard levels. Thank you. Love the game Omg

I think there should be more prizes & the games seem unfair at times not giving you a chance, it only costs 3000 points on my iPad for hammers but 9000 on my phone? Muito bom!

The game is great but there are some floors in the way there you sometimes need help and have to spend money to get out of it it would be good if they gave you more bonus stuff in the game. Enjoy it!

I love the game. The different patterns, the way it sometimes forces you to use your brain and makes you laught at yourself in a "who really" moment. It can also frustrate. Overall my favourite transport companion. Amazing!

I was on level 1275 rescued all pets but game did not give me credit causing me to lose. Can it be restored? wow lol

In short the game is exceelent i have completed alllevels waiting for new update kindly update it soon......developer its really high time to update whole new episode......updateee soonnnnnnnnn Superb!

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