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Love it I think that it's very educational for the little kids who have a tablet from Samsung or anything for people who think this game is boring give it another chance anything deserves a second chance Muito bom!

Love it Im a kid im only 3 and i like helping animals Works perfectly

Maybe not have us pay for the equipment and put some more animals in along with a how to play. Other than that its a great game Cool

Firstly iam saying you iam not. Ranjeet singh bhatti. I am his daughter, sweety. This game is very special for me. Is lia.. Kyuu kii ye aak ladki ki game . Thank you for make this cute game ........ Marvelous

Its ok but really babiesh. Like, im in 3rd grade now I expected this to be more fun than it actually is wow ;( Great job

It's ok it's a cute and fun game but you need to buy most of the stuff to cure the patient if you guys take that away this will get 5 stars Pretty good

I like it but you have to pay the other thing and i cant dix or netheir finish the patai Enjoy it!

I like the cute animals and silly stories to getting hurt but I can not finish a pet Enjoy it!

It's OK but you have to buy stuff to fully take care of a pet I understand you need money but come on! wow lol

Its kind of boring but its a awsome game I don't know why most people don't like it Amazing!

Needs more pets and no need to buy stuff seroasly buying things no way fix that and five stars from me Fabulous!

I love the game and I have it before and it was not good and I love it and it is very very very good for me and you :) or :( I really like to have it ( have it):). Superb!

It was realy great beacuse I had this game before and now again so please install this game and rate it Works great


Idiot haters All haters listen to this:Cats are cute like dogs! Haters are just horrible as heck! Perfect

you said it was boring. It is super duper duper fun. I'm just little girl I'm just a little girl and I don't want to be like it's a fun games not boring it's fun. Why did you say that you know some kids liked it like me. It is super fun. You get to help all the sick pets. It would be good if you helped out at the real animal shelters to. It would be very very very very very very very very very good all the animals too. I hope you download it because it is the most funnest game in the world I am five years old it's super fun. Worth a go!

Needs more tools You can't get rid of the red dots, and more than half the tools are locked. Please fix this. Amazing!

Like it but I love it I love takeing care of animals but I will give it 5 stars wen u can get it all with out paying Enjoy it!

It's ok I like it but there so many tools that are locked please unlocked the tools so i can give it 5 stars Perfect

Make up me Because it is fun to do make up and you get to put the clothes that you put on the princess... Omg

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