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Not so good, not so bad.. Football manager game is boring.. The graphic is really awesome but, it's just manager game.. Works great

Needs a 'skip match' option Why is there no option to skip the match? They are way too time consuming and the 3D visuals are painful to watch. The rest of the game is actually ok apart from the transfer market, people shouldnt be allowed to bid excessive amount of times for one player. Omg

Fantastic What a great game. Not as in depth a FM but still truly great. Occasional server issues but who cares.... what do you want???? It's free and great fun. Complainers.....try making a contribution yourselves or go away wow lol

Galaxy s6 5 stars from me ALL DAY LONG. Probably 1 of the best football manager games of all time. Can we have an xbox one version?? PLEASE!!!! Just wow

Best online football manager I've played so far Can't invite facebook friends, the screen goes black and quit into home screen. Please fix it and I might give 5 stars later, thank you. (My internet connection works very well) Superb!

Great game!!! I think who told game slow it's because quality of your phone. I used Galaxy S6 Edge is awesome graphics and comfortable to play. I love this game Recommend

A little bit slow It would be nice if it could work a little faster and to improve it can u please add online games. Overall it's a good game apart from the slowness. Helpful

Server error Great game until server error now can't get back on slow at times sort out these flaws and I'll rate 5 stars Must have

It's alright The game itself looks pretty decent. It has lot of things which managers need to think of. I wonder if the player can actually play the whole game not just watch it. I've played FIFA for a long time, I gave up on it after I played FTS 15. Now PES is out, I've playing for the past few days. This game has a lot of lags, some transitions are really slow Highly Recommend.

Really good great job konami I really really really like this game but there is a problem The gameplay is too slow and anyone who gets the training facility high traffic error don't uninstall but wait until the next day it should be fixed so yum

COMMENTARY Would be an awesome app, with commentary. Bigger chants when a goal is scored and other chants for attacks + a missed chance. Also, my Samsung A3 is flagged as an unsupported device Perfect

Improvements needed There are a lot of things that need improvement in this game. The lag is bad is one of the main things. It's so laggy sometimes it makes it so hard to play! Well done!!

Trafic server It's too slow and it's graphics are ok it could've been more better if we could control all the players Fantastic

It's good but it's not quite Carling! Please Read!! Things that this game is missing.. 1: Commentary 2: Ability To Auction Unwanted Players 3: Cheaper Auctions (I Don't Want To Pay 18M For A Low Level Player) 4: Ability To Purchase Lower Rarity Players When Scouting (1-3*) Worth it!

Close to being very good! Overall its a good game however there are some improvements that could be made to make it very good... The first one is that it if you want to do well on the game you have to pay real money. Could do with making it slightly easier for people who dont want to pay real money to do well. Also the game does crash Occasionaly and it says "server traffic too high: restart app or reconnect". Could do with improving server speed or something as i am starting too lose patience. Awesome

Read this I think this has the makings of a fantastic football managing app but 1 match in and the app stops working when I click to upgrade my training facility, otherwise I would have gave 5 stars. Great game

Awesome Graphics are good and all but konami should make this game playable like fifa ultimate team and it will be the best android soccer game Can't stop!

Excellent... Level 12 atm can't wait to get level far my teams are mostly 4* and 5*..... you should put regular events on Fun

Good but slow The 3D engine is just soooooo slow, it's like watching a reply but for the entire 90 minutes, how you launched this game with such a slow engine is beyond me, sort it out! Pretty good

A little slow I think it is slow but I like the game i t seems awesome and great let's go New York Red Bulls nyrb nyrb nyrb nyrb nyrb nyrb nyrb nyrb Addicting!

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