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This is a wonderful game. The best game I have ever played. But I don't know why African league was not included. Please include African league. However, it will be nice if Konami develop this game to World Cup,European championship, African cup of nations, South American cup. And also develop different leagues. It will be fun. Great!

So far i've's good...i'm enjoy it...but why i can't connect to fb...? And data migration is always failed when i want to save it... Tq.. Works perfectly

Honestly I thought it was going to be trash but this is so fun! It's so NOT a waste of time!! This app is literally the next big thing! Great job

Love the game all around , just that sometimes when i finished a game and lost connection a few times , the game made me loss 3-0 , that's a bit frustrating.I need to uninstall the game because i can't play a match. It always exit when i enter a game.pls fix it.because i uninstall the app , now im unable to reinstall the app. Recommend

Commentary isn't running is there any alternate Commentary I need to download.though addictive but fix my commentary the only error so far. Great!

Fraud! 693 MB gone without downloading English commentary on the settings, what a fraud. Developers should return my MB or allow download immediately. No thanks until transaction is complete Surprisingly

Graphics are great, game play is good until you get to level 12 and above then is like playing poker machine where no matter how good you team is when you play against a decent side with similar or above team ratings. Your players are slow, cannot sprint, cannot pass, cannot defend and never pass the ball forward even if there is a spare player so when you play counter attack they just hang on to possession till they lose the ball! Is like they are 1 star players which is annoying! Opponent can score with one shot. Offside rules doesn't seem to apply when opponent has ball possession! So at certain point of the game there is no point in playing! At least give us a chance with the movement of players into position! Amazing!

Overall is good and fantastic game. Just need to add more. Please allow us tu upload our own logo to make this game more fun. I think there's no issue if we upload our own logo. Just the same situation as we can select the team and put our own name. Awesome

this IS the BEST GAME I ever played Graphics Good Plus All The controls and D's Like 3D 2D Great Job Hope you Keep it up Make more games like this. Good

How do I find my original profile? I deleted it and when I reinstalled, I had to start again.... HELP!! Muito bom!

This is not the game i know .... you always want us relegate all time....imagine u can't even win a match against 600 OTR Perfect

m playing it for last 2+ years and now m on professional level and m started getting 6 or 7 star players so m too happy and too much addicted to it ,just love it ,this is better than pes 18 in my opinion ,well done konami u guys improved it alot why m not able to download commentary language even on wifi ,i jst lv this game ,but why this bug happns Worth a go!

I play this game 3 years, this is the best Football Manager game i played. Thank you Konami! Perfect!

Really an addictive game, and the best part, you really have to form a strategy, in order to succeed. Great game! Must have

One of the really good football manager apps on the play store not the best but better than most i think what really does it for me is the 3d mode no other app has complimented that at least no manager app so kudo's to Konami and PES (still needs work tho) Great!

Please what can I do to get back my ID wow lol

It's really a great game.. but seriously coins need to be gotten a little bit easier. Likewise, getting to later part of the division, it's better playing teams around one's rating than ones with far far higher ones. Marvelous

HIGH Quality manager game.. Needs improvement on 1) More Kit Editing Options, 2) No of teams should be more in each league, 3)It should not be easy to get big stars, should begin from Scratch, 4) If possible , the manager expression can be shown in between matches for more realistic gameplay Surprisingly

Thank you Pescm for responding my PESCM account trouble.. l really happy and appreciate with PESCM admin.. Perfect

Its a nice game well organised but if would be more interesting if the players name is shown on their shirts.The commentary must announce the stadium name also on the begining of the match!! Pretty good

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