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Awesome! Very nice game in graphic n control as well. But I disappointed with this game coz I cannot buy pack from my mobile sim main balace..though it is also amobile game why I can't use my sim. I want u to fix this...anyway very nice football manager game I have ever played. Go well

Hello... This game is so great!! I'm so happy when i play this game... But, i just wanna ask you guys to add kits and player from Barclays Premier League.. I will be more happier than now.. I'm Manchester City fans... I really hope you guys make it.... Thanks! Worth a go!

If you want to manage your own team PESCM is the best around. Great graphics, genuine players and teams and not outragious expensive to fully play. wow lol

Fun to create a team built around tactics. Like self-paced play. Can play a lot of matches in short amount of time. Works perfectly

This game is fantastic and awesome.. But there's some problem with the last update, i can't play my game.. Always reset to main menu.. Please help me, i want play my game again.. Brilliant

Its an amazing football game.. Like Pes2018 There should be event every now and then to buy players via GP ..Please Make it Happen Brilliant

WOW....played the rest now playing the best! Options are enough to make you feel fully in control without being over complicated, graphics are amazing especially in 3d mode...can't praise this app enough wow lol

1 - The game doesn't pick closest player to the ball to chase the ball instead, it picks a random player from distance. Please fix that. 2 - Please add atleast five African teams, Orlando Pirates, Al Ahlya and other's... 5 star

Cheebye game. Been playing this game1 year plus. Got Big OTR team but still lose to lower tem. 7 times in a row. What a joke of the year. You better fix this issue konami if not your game will be sucks forever.Babi la sial. Worth a go!

I lost my previous data and I started afresh, all the same, it is the best game ever. Thanks to konami Amazing!

Always obvious; against high otr team you will lose and players motivation goes down. People who want to pay or want to cheat will love the game. But if not paying like I do not like to pay will find game very boring because you might and probably will get stuck on certain league/division. Bummer, promising but designed for plsyers who want to pay. nearly every user team have same playets. P.s. Support team is great at Konami. Works perfectly

Its just irritating when we reached the top of the table or we were going to the fibal cup match so you want to make some corrections in umpiring process done by the end Must have

The best of all football games ♥But...... This Game is very good very very good and its so Addictive . But it has many flaws when you play. Especially when you play against a game team which have OTR 700 and above. When your team try to make chances and score and you can see the chances can make a goal come easily but you're team and your player wouldn't score that goal opportunity. but on the contrary the game team create a same chance as mine at that match but they score very easily very very easily. By this I get so much anger and wish I could quit playing the PESCM for good. And also when my team is defending they defending very poorly I don't know why when I set the team right before the game. But the PESCM team defending very good. In this thing of scouting I also don't like at all. I want to choose a player I want but the PESCM keeps choosing a player that sometimes I don't need them. SMH Marvelous

Please give us real jersey like arsenal, liverpool, ect and when we want to custume jersey we can custume the sock too because we want different color not always same with jersey. Thx Just wow

Now im in the last of the ranking 10 out of 10...but its ok i dont want to say many words anymore...even how much i say...still the same...i hav 500+ players in my scouting lists...most of it 5stars...THE BEST GAME EVER...congratulations Amazing!

Thanks to make me like stupid..i thought this game would be interesting...but you just to make it into making profit especially to buy players through scouting that mostly 5stars..and control everything that make all the players like stupid... Fantastic

I have more than 2 billion of money and I dont know how to spend them. Can you put a feature in which I can trasform them in pes coins? If you do this and will give you 5 stars Muito bom!

Best mobile manager game. A big fan few things could be done better like interaction etc but overall a very solid game . Thank you PES Brilliant

It's a nice game, but it needs little brush up to be better enough. Example, I believe it will be better of, if other cups are involved like European Cup , then the manager should be able to coach his national team at some certain level and there should be improvement in the biding transaction, finally there should be communication between players, and also managers. Worth a go!

Game was good.The only thing is some matches have been set up.Some matches are not fair.My players looks so stupid even his OTR is very good.And even when the opponent OTR is bad the attacking & defending is so good. Must have

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