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Come on update new boots for nike, adidas and nb. Also put pressure tacticals in the game. Android Pes lovers love it

It's a great game. Would give 5 star if there's option to transfer players to friends team, so we can exchange or buy player from friends Worth a go!

Great game. Bt slight problem I am having. I cant hear commentary, tried everything uninstall n reinstall bt still same. Can someone help? Must have

hey pes, I want team from MALAYSIA at least two team only. u know why, because I feels real in this game, its bacame reality for me. that I want, hope u can think about its. lovethisgames! Enjoy it!

Thank you so much Konami team for this wonderful game . Wish we also get to experience the climate and weather changes , rain. Wish we make custimsized own team emblem and name and wish some improvement in the commented like more realistic. Hope I get an response from Konami team. Love from India. And football fans. Pretty good

Love this game. Just everytime I want to start the game. Keep waitig and checking for update. Dunno why.. but if keep restarting from the konami logo, just really annoying. Hope can fix that issues. Fantastic

Please help me enter to the game. Since the maintaince yesterday i cannot enter the game. If i pressed the button start it began loading and pescm doesnt work. Please help me Works great

U should add things possible like trading 1 stars for 2 stars,trading 2 stars for 3 stars,trading 3 stars for 4 stars and so on Perfect

I get bug after finishing event match with atletico madrid then my game is always reload , please solve it. Thanks Worth a go!

Would be a good game if the servers didn't go under maintenance every day..... It's a lottery to see if the game works Fabulous!

I like the game a lot but the tactics i want to use are really not there. I want my players to press and there is no such instruction and my goalkeeper aimlessly kicks the ball out when i want him to play a short pass to the defenders. Hope konami adds the sweeper keeper and pressure tactic to the game. It would really help. Surprisingly

Overall sudah bagus, cuman tolong bagi developer tambahkan nama di nomor punggung para pemain, dan kalo bisa tambahkan juga sistem trade pemain *3 ke *4 tolong yaaaa wow lol

This is one of my favorite games and I think you should download it. I assure you a very good experience in the game. Omg

The game is really good but whenever I try to download commentary, it crashes. Please fix this. Fantastic

When I try and share on Facebook or Google or try to adjust migration setting it says data migration failed it needs sorting it's annoying when it sorted I give you a five star not till its sorts I mentioned it ages ago still not fixed I feel your not bothered have the decency to reply please Just wow

Nice game. But update is too soon. Always update. When this game is update, need to re-download from the beginning. This is not good. So, need to update new division. Like World Class & Galactic. Because there's only up to Superstar Division 20. Great job

The scouts you get as rewards be it 4 to 7 star or 5 to 7 star you never get anything above the lowest star rating. Such BS. You hardly ever get 7 star players when you pay for scouts its very frustrating. Perfect!

60% of the scouted players are god damn it only for me or its the same for everyone... i really loved this game but its enough now im sick and tired of getting keepers everytime i scout players... Fabulous!

More features should be established.commentary,cup celebrations ,post match ceremony etc Great!

Great game, need update after superstar 20 though and would be great at fp exchange if you could see full player stats of the available players before you buy. Worth it!

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