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You people must be very stupid after this last update, it keeps going off thereby causing you to lose matches, I played 8 games without a shot on target come to talk of a goal every small team's Just overriding my strong team, if it's possible for me to give you -rating I would ve u better do something about it or else u'll start playing ur game urself cuz I don't think u do u would ve noticed all these complains, u only cares about ur pocket and not ur client, u stupid idiot Enjoy it!

During National/Uefa matches why always the player should get 4 or 3 star players always for levels not multiple of 5? It is quite problematic as a valuable match energy drains out for that. At least there should be some provision pf getting higher ability players. If a team with 7 and 6 star players only are contested then also the only available 5 or less star players are provided. In fact in such cases I can guess which player exactly is going to be provided to me. Fantastic

Wonderful game from above but pls try and make players loanable... like youth players and also give special instructions like parking the bus when leading or playing against a better opponent....thanks 5 star

KONAMI...Can you add skip match feature....i just suggest it...get save time maybe love it

It is automatic gameplay..we just see the game buy we cannot is boring Superb!

A very nice and beautiful game. Good graphics, settings, control. What I will suggest to be an improvement and good addition would be : the option to save a replay for one to re-watch it, and new songs should also be added. To me that would be really nice. But overall a pretty nice game Must have

Who made that script, for mobile games it has been the most exciting sports game. I must say it is very complicated specially in the starting but you get addicted to it just for its complications but love to be a manager.. Well done not easy to create such a difficult so deep kind of script. Must have

Great game. But can you pls change the user interface? Bcs it never change for years! It might be a lil think but it means everything so im not getting bored. And also, pls add some advance tactics like 'Tiki-taka', 'gegenpress', 'false nine', etc just like what you guys did in PC/PS PES 2018 Just wow

I hate this game it's so addictive mostly losing to less rating teams and trying bouncing from the defeat,pls Konami let the pitch be our. less fix the jersey. Great job

The game is truly great but in my whole pes career I have NEVER seen a penalty and have seen a free-kick only ONCE please make it so there are more free kicks and penalties Flawless

Let me start by saying awesome game, great graphics but what's is going on with this game play. Defenders literally running by ball carrier, ridiculous passes by my team and missing clear scoring opportunities. Overall good game just work on the gameplay and AI decision Awesome

Just a few issues. Handball needs to be added to the game. Hall of Fame Team, the Line up Changes please can you work on that screen sensitivity. Worth it!

Are you kidding? I am so mad right now because the apps crash in the middle of the third round of classic masters. Not once but twice!! Please fix this issue right away.. please, please Not bad

The game is great but no commentary . I though all PES game got commentary. I kinda dissatisfied but still love the game. Well done!!

Best Football Manager Ever....I have been playing game for 4 SEASONS...and I've only lost once In a final... More power to your Elbow KONAMI Enjoy it!

Update-24th Feb 2018 Once again Konami, Fantastic

Great game overall The only thing I would say is that the main page is a bit cluttered, which can make knowing what to do confusing Also features such as formation changes could be more accessible but otherwise great job Recommend

great games, scouting player is so real if you dont have player 5* than play with your youth team and develop your team becoming competitive team dont blame developer if you cannot get player with your expectations, that's the art of this game fellas Muito bom!

Hi. I have a problem to download my old data with the code. Any things gour guys can help? Great!

I loved this game because high graphics and addictiveness I need some improvements 1) an option for we can save the reply of goals, fouls etc. 2) make improvements in gameplay 3) give good youth scout I wish you can hear me Amazing!

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