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* There's no Manchester united in the game * There should be another training session After the end of each level also Recommend

Still pisses me off when u know the game doesn't want u to win.....ur player will just run and leave the ball behind, or he'll have a shot on goal in the area and he'll turn round and pass it back to the half way line. Sick of getting the same players over and over again, got coutinho 3 times, banega twice and that's just the start. Apart from that amazing game. Recommend

Too many updates have to mess around deleting things of my phone just to update silly really and i would of thought it would be up to date joe hart dosnt play for Torino he plays for West ham now so what's the point of a up date if it isn't updated properly bit silly really Perfect

Have been trying to update mine for the past one week now is just showing me starting what will possibly be the problem Great job

Too many taps! The game itself is good, but the amount of taps required to collect login bonuses or scout players is ridiculous. Such bad design. Superb!

More than 1 year I've played this addictive game, but 2 days after updated with teh new version, I can't open the App, please fix it Muito bom!

Please Give Me Lionel Messi & Mauro Icardi Cause I Play This Games 2 Year More , after it i give 5 wow lol

First i play this game, for me this is the best football manager game. But after finished many division i find that there are no real player in this game, for example in one game you can face neymar in your opponent team even you also have neymar too in your team..please make all the player real, if not you just like copying the Top Eleven game with 3D gameplay..thank you Muito bom!

# I love this game.. "tpi knp nama team kesayangan saya FC JUVENTUS kok malah jadi PM BLACK WHITE serta julukan/panggilan nama team saya via komentator y tidak ada'' Fabulous!

Best manager simulating game on the phone right now I would recommend it for all football fans. 5 star

Why cant i go to the contract page anymore to sign players with contracts i got. Awesome

It's have potentially a great games but I think it's need more "make senses". Scouting players, training management, and AI. AI quite good but need to be more reasonable, for example do you think real madrid will loose against a local club? Come on..., unnecessary surprises effect I think. Great job

Its normal if you lose to users and its normal too if NPC win even the strengh diff 200 point and its normal if users saw their player losing the ball,low star outrun higher one.TIPs:Use real money buy the game coins,That the true way to win the game.RNG control ur lucks. Omg

Works perfectly on Samsung Galaxy S6.. This is the only game i got on my phone right now and its addictive.. Please do let us custom our own jersey with emblem and sponsors logo.. I hope u can improve on the replay option and let us replay anytime we want..some skills deserves to be replay over and over again.. Highly Recommend.

Why isn't there there 80+ and up overall rated players you can buy in the transfer market Well done!!

Would be better if players can be bought with money generated from. Matches and performances. And how can every one have neymar. Am playing am opponent and u see neymar on his team when I have neymar too, dats a huge turn off for me. One original player is okay. They're are too many of them to go around Recommend

This Game is By far the best mobile manager game - PES CLUB MANAGER comes 2nd to none! I notice a lot of reviews claiming you only get decent players if you buy gold..... That is not true as I have been playing this game for over 650 days now and I have never spent any money on Gold coins and my Current Team has a OTR of 835+ , at one point I had a OTR of 860+ You get plenty of opportunities to earn Gold Coins in game play and daily logins , it's simple, the More You Play, The More opportunities You get to Earn Gold Coins.!!! Surprisingly

Perfect for Mobile game.. Amazing 3D grafic.. very addicted.. Best Ever Footba Manager handheld wow lol

I aways get same players. That is not good but i think so more better your maintenance future. Think you! Amazing!

Done with PES via mobile and because of this issue, console too..even got rid of the game via ps4. I started this game to lose my first account which i wasnt bothered about via mobile as i didnt spend. But! I started a second and spent on that game in course of 2 month, i put into it atleast £100. Last update destroyed my gameplay and i lost that account, built wicked team of 34 players ranging from 5 to7 stars even had scouts in the waiting of 5 to 7 players..made hall of legend, classics, better divisions and more. I have to make evidence to konami which i did, but no screenshot only my id, even got proof via google play reciepts. I was happy but now i never play a pes game again, will they lose me to fifa? No doubt, lol wont even let me 1 star them keeps saving as worthless 5 star Marvelous

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