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Love this game. Played almost 50 seasons and still enjoying it. I have only spent £1.98 on PES coins when on special offer, but there are enough free ones to collect by completing challenges and through campaign rewards. Association campaigns are also a great feature as they really feel like a team effort. For longevity, take your time to build your OTR. Use only 5* players in the first two division and them slowly migrate to a 6* team for Regular and above, keeping players in your starting 11 to 35+ before replacing them with younger players. That way you always have and adequate supply of players in your scouting list for the future. I have a whole starting 11 of 7* players, saved up since I started, that I can use in devisions where 6* won't cut it. Enjoy! Not bad

This game is a very addictive and enjoyable.. If only there is postmatch/halftime pep-talk, the game would become very perfect!! But sometimes it can become very annoying playing it.. No matter how good my team are, keep on losing.. Worst if the whole season without a win as if the game already been fixed!! No matter how much I changed the playing style, I still lose to much lower OTR opponent!!! How can this be???? Amazing!

I always dreamed of owning a football club. Now that dream comes true. Love this game a lot. Regularly playing for the last one year without spending any real money.I totally recommend for any football lover. wow lol

I played a match after update and the game has stopped more than twice and l lost at the end .please check on this !and my players seemed worse while l played something which is not Norma and real Pretty good

Need more licensed club, especially Juventus. Kit customization need more design or enable upload kit design, just like club logo upload. Surprisingly

I really love this game very much before the update it was working very fine but after this updating everything is not working anymore I didn't even play a single game due to interrupted by a version update please fix it.. need some help... Fantastic

love this game butt only have one problem dream team and training I spend every 3 month 1000 HK dollar by the player and training Brilliant

Overall game is good,have problem logged in with mobile data instead of using Wi-Fi as there is no problem with my data..Any help? Works great

If you're a guy who likes to manage but you simulate the game.. this game is for you Perfect

Overall, this is a great game. But, I can't create my own dream team. Because, when we need a good player, we should waiting until get enough coins and we still can't pick player what we want. For gaming this is the best thing ever. Cool

Was absolutely addicted to this until you reach a certain point and you can't seem to progress without spending real money. Going full seasons without a win even against sides rated 100+ below. Gets extremely frustrating and I've started to notice andecli e in playing time already. Saying that I did play it a lot for maybe a year. Great games but as I said, only to a point Flawless

undoubtedly the best manager game ever. Please provide world's best players which we are getting through coins. If we are spending on it, at least we can expect more class from your side as well. you should provide more prizes than you are providing at this moment. We play 22 matches max to max every season and if we are investing our time in playing it then you should also take care of our demands. Time, money , matches and coins should be minimised in order to upgrade the city quickly. wow lol

Good game, but if the game wants you to lose, your player will purposely make mistakes- simply pass the ball to opponent even the 6 star goalie will simply throw the ball to opponent. You may have Messi or any 7-star player but they may simply lost the ball or wildly shot to the crowd even on 1-to-1 with the goalie. Another funny things - bad tackles by opponent without foul, player not defending even in full defence mode, players play defensive ball even they are in the attacking position. And even young players become fatigue at the 70th minute of game. You may spend coin to recruit players of 5-7 star, but end up with same player you already signed and therefore you cannot sign up. Waste of coin, but still worthy to sell the player. 5 star

Checking formations should pause the match. I've set defence to many and balanced, yet when opposing team is on the offense, my players never even make a run for defense. Why my players pass when all they have to do is shot the ball? Why they shot the ball when they should have passed the ball? I know this is not the gameplay, but why opposing team, with less score than my team, do better offensively and defensively with the same formation? What are those numbers even mean? Just wow

Brilliant game. Graphics are amazing. But there are lots of little things that could be better, for example the scout. I've only scouted 1 seven star but my friend has4 7*. Also, my 772 OTR team is drawing against 566 OTR . These are two very minor things that if put in this new update,it would be the best game available on the play store. Worth it!

My game suddenly throw me back to desktop when I push inbox today , pls fix it. Regard, thx. Worth a go!

For someone who wasn't keen on Football games, this changed everything. Superb graphics, and great game play even if the referee decisions are often biased. It's also balanced in that you don't have to spend the world to advance or win. Very addictive and entertaining. Absolutely love it Enjoy it!

Quality football manager game nice from PES not sure if there are any bad points only played 3 games but looks a good game. A must-have for True PES FANS. THANKS GUYS Works great

This game is superb, the best manager game I've ever played... but pls work on the market. Why can't you buy the well known players at the market, everyone wants to make their dream team but to have to wait to get enough coins and then hopefully get the players through the contracts..... you never get the players you want, so please put the well known players in the market, that way you can interact with the other players also, by bidding for the best players Pretty good

Can you not see special weekly challanges? Ive completed 3/4 but ive never gotten a single one Enjoy it!

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