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Official team kits should be in at all in this game.. Regular kits became so old.. And boring.. New kits of original teams should install here wow lol

We need to see the players where we buying and to buy them with money will be great love it

Its a game with stupid AI. If i am playing with my club then atleast give me some good players from my team first, always getting other teams players, and not even barcelona players, the team which supports this game. This is the cause I started playing less than earlier. Its impossible to get my club players. so why waste my time. This game is just time waste for me now. Enjoy it!

The graphics is good but this game is not user friendly. The guide says press the top menu, but where is the top menu? Where is the friends tab? Please make the control user friendly!! Works great

Ok ok you know the problem of your game lover anyway I really thanks for giving me the opportunity of my first account to play the game love it

It used to be cool, but devs keep adding more and more unnecessary stuff, and experimental garbage, making it lame, not fun, and extremely hard to stay competitive in game. Players age too fast, develop too slow. My team is usually between 770-820, but since some updates ago - I can never get a fair league. All player teams are well above 800. Lots of folks with whole squads 90+, even over 100s. Been a loyal customer since the release, yet still could never reach that level. Wasted money, but I'm still playing, hoping for change. Mailed Support, no answer. I want the old original version back or a serious change in gameplay... Update March 2018: Latest update made it unplayable for me due to display error... Pretty good

Very much addictive.....I just can't do without it...Am on it since 2016 till date..Just that the money we are winning can't PES give us even if its 50% of the cash we are winning Recommend

I reinstall my Pes manager in my phone but i connot log in to my old ID... I put lot of money on my squad... Please help try to connect using FB then it crash... I use data migration also crash... I did connect but I just won't log in... How to fix? I'm a hardcore one division already... Please help 5 star

This is a really good game, but i got some problem here, i cannot login with my facebook account. This game always close when i try to login with my facebook, please can someone fix this problem or give me some adbice to solve this problem.thank a lot Good

The only problem is loading delay 3-5second. Any link u click need time to load. The game is the most inteligent algoritirm Worth a go!

The game worked fine until today when i tried to play the game. App crashed while loading. Restarted the app, same problem. Restart HP, same problem. Uninstalled app and unable to sign in via FB and GooglePlay. Had to start all over again. Very frustrating. Flawless

I been playing this for a while now,game is good fun to play n addiction too but from today (27/03/2018) morning whenever i open the application n click to see any information it gets shut down automatically I can't do anything thing,I'm getting irritated Surprisingly

Now the game is suddenly not accessible. I played this game yesterday and all is well. But today, cannot even open it. Please fix Recommend

It's such a wonderful game.... actually the best managing game...but I woke up one morning and tried to login it keeps crashing every time it tries to connect to my Facebook account... Pls fix it... Cool

Best football manager game I have ever played. But ever still the event association cheer boost time event has been launched the game starts closing when I click on play match. Please fix it. Great job

I like the game but now I'm so far along it keeps crashing while loading what the hell is happening??? Marvelous

why today suddenly said it has stooped when i try to open play . pls check for me a.s.a.p thanks . Perfect

i just buy the pes coint . but after i open the app . you dont give my pes coint . my money u already take . plis help me Cool

It's a great manager game one of the best I have played so far I just wished I would have known about this game a long time ago so I could have gone further faster anyways I really recomened it to all ages. Just wow

I want to make comments what happened with my team if i compared with other team: 1. The passing is worst, my opponent is batter then mind 2. My players seem not to jump to challenge the opponent if the ball on the air 3. The development of the players are taking time..until 30 of age they only reach 90..its to late Muito bom!

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