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The best of all football games ♥But...... This Game is very good very very good and its so Addictive . But it has many flaws when you play. Especially when you play against a game team which have OTR 700 and above. When your team try to make chances and score and you can see the chances can make a goal come easily but you're team and your player wouldn't score that goal opportunity. but on the contrary the game team create a same chance as mine at that match but they score very easily very very easily. By this I get so much anger and wish I could quit playing the PESCM for good. And also when my team is defending they defending very poorly I don't know why when I set the team right before the game. But the PESCM team defending very good. In this thing of scouting I also don't like at all. I want to choose a player I want but the PESCM keeps choosing a player that sometimes I don't need them. SMH Marvelous

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