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I loved this game alot. its gr8 gameplay..felt like real football...but I have few suggestions that can improve this game's demand....first of all..please make online league creating mode.i.e a user can create online league from their friends list and a reward can be put will be please bring this into concern.....secondly plse put forward notifications of friends interested to play will be awesome.....i hope u will make this in concern...waiting for next upgrade..then it will be one of the top football game in android.... Well done!!

This is my best game in the world. I can't do without this game in a day. They only little problem is that it crashes on my TECNO K7 with android 7.0 operating system by displaying "Pes2018 not responding " while playing the other USERS ONLINE, which had made me lost many games. Also kindly make BLACK BALL STARS easy for us to get because I only have one among my team. Thanks to the developers of this GREAT GAME, more power to your elbows. We love you all. Worth a go!

Please enable GPs to buy recovery, Offline should b available, work on controls it get stucked, online mode is not okay/frastrating, players shud be readily available for each dream teams... Loving this pes2018 need more improvements. Great work Surprisingly

Its a very good game but need a lot of improvement especially in Online Matches. Some people play online match using slow internet that cause both team lagging. My suggestion is you need to limit play only for people that have strong/enough internet to play Online Match. Hope you consider my suggestion. Thank You. 5 star

Great game. In fact the best football game! But you guys seriously need to work on the controls. This is the major challenge with the game. The game energy needs to improve, 20 is soo low considering the number we would love to play daily. Also white balls are way too many compared to Gold balls. Help us! Also help increase the GP when releasing players. How can i buy a player for 10,000Gps and release fr 540gps, seriously??? Pretty good

I would like it if konami adds features like trading players among friends, on option to loan out players for coins instead of selling them, better events.. The current ones have become boring. Otherwise it's a good game Surprisingly

Best football game i ever played.... But still it needs some update,like before the start of a match the player should be shown entering the stadium and having some words with referees and opposition players and some new celebrating styles & action should be added and new stadiums also should be added...and it is very much difficult to play online matches.... I hope u add these features and fix these issues on your next update... Till then we are waiting for your next update Omg

Maybe PES need to fix the black ball reserves. I have been playing for the last 2 years; yet I have only 3 in my squad... FIFA on the other hand has great offers for players. The ratings on PES aren't that great... Overall PES graphics and commentary make it one to think about if you are a football drug... I urge and request the PES to send at least a black in a month for the daily players... Lmao Not bad

I would 5 star it but goal celebrations are not real. players like Messi Ronaldo and almost all have different goal celebrations. If u can make it real I will 5 star you and players like aubameyang Giroud lewandowski hamsik ozil even Suarez is too strong than in real football. Aubameyang is too much over rated in this game.please fix aubameyang love it

Great game and all that stuff. But can you guys remove the energy for at least the division matches. It's too frustrating everytime I have to wait for it to fill up. Only for the division matches at least reduce the required energy to like 5 or 10. Works great

This is the best football game for a phone.... I love it but recently I'm facing some issues, I can't connect to online players or even play online with my friends, hope it is fixed soon... and I'd like a feature of donating players to a friend and I would like to see MANCHESTER UNITED team and munich in the team list... hope you do these. Thank you Awesome

Its a great game in football I ever played. Admin please add German teams like. Bayern Munich.wolfburge etc. I enjoy this game. So much fun. I give you 5+5 star for making this wonderful football game. But the new level u1500 online match is not good. I played 2 time in online and score 5 goals after the opponent lost the data connection but I didn't get any reward and rating Perfect!

Best football game on android.. only issue is that when u play vs com(legend) ur own players start to miss passes and even goals u could make in ur sleep..but then i guess it has something to do with ur game points level.. frustrating but still the best game..playing online is a disaster tho..other players cheat and its just too laggy.. Must have

When I play online with other user my control is very slow.. This feels me socks.. Or when I play with friends the same goes.. What kind of game is this.. I have 4g speed network connection and my control are very slow.. My opponent are super fast.. How is this thing Konami going to fixed it.. I hope u understand my words.. Thanks Enjoy it!

Super game Control graphic all are perfect But for the lives if it is possible to have it more quickly, or when to play a match it cut less live. Apart of this superb I rate it 5 in all I love it But still there are online player who ruin the fun by disconnecting etc N nexf if you can increase the level of life or decrease the time taken to have life. As it weird you are enjoying the game but when the life is over after 5 match. It weird Apart from this. You are way tooooooo Good Marvelous

The game itself is amazing. The only sad part is that i can't buy a player i want because i buy an agent to get players. Day before yesterday i bought an agent and i got Dani Alves. Then I bought another agent yeaterday, and again i got Dani Alves. Meaning I lost all my coins and got nothing in return. I don't knowbif you guys can have a look into that. Great job

All Over its a good & realistic game, but the players renewal cost is so expensive, its only for 10 matches please make it 15/20 & the Energy restoration time is too long... 7minutes or more though the playing time on a day will be too short... Please consider these things for the next update.. & Pls give me a reply... Flawless

Best football game on android! Love the feel of the new controls system when it works (sometimes moves up when I'm pulling down and passing is temperament) can give you a real fluid playing style. The only thing I'm finding frustrating is in pvp games is buffering that really disrupts your momentum. But overall a football game on android that revival any console one. 5 star

It's awesome we feel like we are playing in the game. It gives us a spirit. It's a brilliant peace of work. Expect more from Konami like this. But I have been playing the game for 68 days and gotta only 2 black balls and my friend just started and within 20 days he got 7 black balls. I feel very sad for that Perfect!

Reduce the price of agents. More daily login bonus. Make players more cheap. Increase the rating of players who need upgrade. Add exhibition mode also. More rewards in campaigns and events. Upgrade the gold ball players to black ball or silver ball to gold ball. THANKS !! Hope you do the changes. I WILL RATE 5 STAR OF YOU DO THE CHANGES !! Perfect

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