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I don't like that there's an ad every time you claim points. I love the options on Gift cards and other items you can win. Cool

i love this game scratch money it does i don't like the pint watch video want my tj.e but is fh Worth a go!

I agree with ALL of you the game is easy it has great pictures like if you were REALLY playing Good

Great game so far. Haven't redeemed but with the other perk apps I should be able to at least get 5 bucks. Anyone recommend how to earn more with perk? Muito bom!

I like I can't wait to win some money I never won nothing like this before I hope I win Amazing!

This app is where it's@ ! love it

Way way way too many ads on this app. I shouldn't have to click out of an ad after EVERY scratch off. This is EXTREMELY OUTRAGEOUS and unneccessary. Very unhappy and will be uninstalling this app Awesome

I just installed it and I keep winning points. I hope it's not just Beginner's Luck Go well

Legit app to make money, but does take time. Fastest app that I've found to generate a profit though. Fantastic

Love the app. Waiting to see if it really pays out but other than that I love it! Worth a go!

Hey Perk! I think this concept is great, but there is WAY too many ads. I totally understand that you need ads to fund your giveaways, but even then you made the app unbearable with ads. Almost every time I press the screen it give me an ad. Please get rid of the ridiculous amount of ads! I will probably be uninstalling this app. Just wow

Easy AND loads of fun for the entire family! Repeat one game over and over, or click back to the home page and pick a new game! Love this! My new GO-TO game. Perfect!

I can't wait to start winning prizes! I never do so I'm excited to see what i win! Worth it!

I haven't won anything yet. But I can't seem to put my phone down. Very very addicting Go well

I updated the app and now it won't let me log into my perk acct on the ap.please fix. Not bad

Need better win rates and to make it more winning like then y'all will take offff Works great

Yes there are lots of ads but it is pretty quick and easy. The points add up quick! Works great

This is such a great game going to tell you haven't won much of anything but it's good game Awesome

I'm a new player but so far so Good!! Playing on so it's gotta be a thumbs up from me! Brilliant

I am still seeing if this is legit or not, lots of ads and... keeps sending me to rate it. But it is easy and sorta fun before ads Great!

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