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Great this app does pay out unlike most that say they do and if you have any issues they do get back to you and fix it. I recommend for anyone looking to get a little back for their time and all the perk apps are connected so it's even better. love it

I'm having trouble with this app on my phone and tablet. I'm constantly have to fully back out of the app when I'm trying to play. There's ads that I can't X out of so I have to back out of the app. There's also moments where it says there's a problem and I either click menu or retry. I only get to play for maybe 5 minutes if not shorter before I start having issues. I really hope it gets fixed. I love this app and I don't want to have to stop playing altogether. Good

The Acorn app advertisement is the one that freezes the game. Shady ad publisher.. The app is great. Perk admins just need to block the particular advertiser that is pushing Acorn right now in their ad provider's settings :) Worth it!

This game would be great if there weren't so many adds. Every time I try and do something I'm interrupted by an add. Enjoy it!

Okay so i just got this game and already im startting to not like it. Worth a go!

Whoever decided it was a good idea to make you swipe through 30 years just to select your birthday needs to be shot. That's the most stupid way to chose your birthday ever Fantastic

I used perk live tv and perk scratch n win, live tv is linked to my fb however scratch n win was not (i didnt realize how to link them when i originally downloaded), i had to change my account on scratch n win to link my fb together, I'm hoping this doesn't create a cashout problem simply bc i caught on to late....any developer feedback would be appriciated Amazing!

The Scratch & Win app is a very easy way to win coins and tokens. Even though you have to watch a video in order to claim them, the video or ad is hardly ever long and they're usually pretty varied. The game is also a good way to kill time, or you can easily scratch and get points while you're sitting around watching TV, commuting on the bus or subway, or any other such activity. Surprisingly

it has alotttt of ads but i just started playing so my review may go up if i actually get somewhere with it and not just win a 5 dollar gift card every year like lucktastic Must have

Finally something legit is fun and waste time. There may be alot of ads but that's what pays to allow you to get these rewards. It may take a while to get your points but also remember in the end you getting free stuff just by playing theses games Great!

Stop complaining people about ads, you had to do some work to earn your money. All the ads are sponsors for Perk, this is how Perks makes there money to pay us . Have fun, happy New Year to all! Go well

I have given this app rave reviews in the past. Well that has certainly changed! Yes, this app is legit, you can earn rewards on it. But since they added videos and decreased rewards I may recommend that walking down the street looking for change might be a better way to earn extra money. Muito bom!

Really enjoy the app. Only thing is every time you claim win you need to watch a video. I dont mind but maybe bundle the videos 5 times. Then scratch off 10 times. But i do recommend it. Cool

Great. Ads are annoying, and I don't know if they pay out... However it is fun to use while you do something else Awesome

Absolutely in love! I am so addicted to playing this. I haven't won any prizes or money yet, but I'm sure I will. I won't give up!!! It's going to be worth it. Good

Its a really awesome app,I'm scruffing up a lot of points to give my mom a gift,It works well and you receive a lot of money in minutes (no lie).I would put a 5-Star if it didn't have an AD every 5 sec,I see ads more than I see the actual app.Besides that its great,way better than lucktastic. Fantastic

I logged into my Facebook and haven't received my 100 free points.. what a waste of time. Great job

The app will not let me advance in the daily keeps going back to 5 points. I've lost 80 points so far and its not fair. Please fix the problem. love it

This app is pretty decent, although I don't like that they'll delete your points if you haven't logged in for a certain amount of time. Just wow

Just started and so far so good. Lots of adds and loading screens, but it turns into free gift cards! 5 star

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