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Plz read Every time u place a bid it goes up 30 seconds and yesterday there was a 5$ Amazon card and its still here today because the time keeps going up! Fabulous!

Addictive Super fun and challenging yet we so many apps to choose from easy to gain points and tokens. No more being bored I love it! Surprisingly

Good for videos, bad for offers I love perk! I was excited to find the offers option on this app. But I've done at least 2 dozen offers over the last month, and got credited about 40% of the time. The offers are also available on the pc site getperk but I haven't gotten credit for ANY of the ones I've done there. Fantastic

Needs more ways to spend tokens Great way to view all the auction options. Only issue is there are limited uses for tokens. I would like to see more one up options using tokens, token to point exchanges, or buying gift cards with tokens, or a combination. Great job

Pleese get rid of the blinking bar or add at bottom of screen It is blinking to fast an very annoying & makes me dizzy. It can stay if it stops blinking. Cool

Top Perk apps facilitate with online navigation, daily routines, hobbies and keeps you current with international and local news. I enjoy the variety of games they have, as well as, a wide range of activities for all age groups. Perfect

Meh It offered a bunch of things to bid on with coins but once i got a bunch it only has 1 for tokens every 24hrs. What gives? Just wow

Love the egift cards I've purchased about $50 in egift cards over about 6 weeks using perk points that I've accumulated via several perk apps. They come in handy. Although, recently using perk scratch & win, I'm getting a lot more video ads which makes racking up points more difficult. I've yet to win an auction but still gonna keep trying. wow lol

Great and Fun App! I have won a couple times and they give you your points instantly. Never had a problem with it and always pays out. Overall great and fun app and if you have free time and are looking for an app to make money, I highly recommend trying this app out. You'll love it!!! Flawless

Doesn't always award points Doesn't always award points after completing offers and the timer on the various auctions isn't actually when it ends. It pretty much ends whenever it feels enough people have bid and it's reset enough to 6 seconds. With new updates you have to use the points you earn to bid, no longer has coin auctions which sucks because I have almost 300,000 coins and can only use them for scratch offs now Great!

False I won a amazon voucher but instead of crediting me they gave me 10000 perk points instead. False advertising so why have us bidding for gift cards when we don't actually receive them Recommend

Needs an update I sometimes win a bid and I don't get the points. Last night I won a 5$ Amazon Gift Card but never got the 5000 points for it. I scrolled down after the bid was over and it said You! In red letters but said ended. And the name You! Kept flashing yellow as if it was still being bid on by me. When i contacted support, they told me that there is no record of me winning any bids. But i know i won because when i clicked on the 5$ Amazon when it was over, it said WINNER in green lettering.THIS HAPPENS A LOT! Works perfectly

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