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Seems pointless Only installed because I need it to enter perk codes. Don't care for the actual browser. Go well

Works but not super great Improve the layout and performance of this app, please. I rarely use it because it's such a slow, resource hogging app. :/ If you do these two things, I'll be happy to use it at least 75% of the time.

Making money for watching porn Good app but it crashes even when not in use and also takes up a lot of hardware resources

Doesn't work Doesn't even let me log it. It says my email and password are wrong even though I signed into perk tv with it. Never had a major problem with perk before.

:) Another good app in the perk toolbelt. Warm points just by doing what you do already.

Love this app!! It's really good. It would be better if it could remember passwords and form data as well!

Perk browser Pretty good if you are trying to get a lot of tokens but crapy when it comes to getting perk points. Superb!

Perks Browser The different "perk" apps have been the absolute easiest dont think about dont jump through a billion hoops reward program i have found. Absolutely love it I get everyone of their apps i find. Enjoy it!

Okay app but I need to be able to get that annoying search bar out of my notification bar. Uninstalled. Not bad

Broken rewards payout for weeks now This app used to be great and would reward me for searches when I used it. For the last few weeks it hasn't rewarded anything. Hey Perk, your browser sucks, is nothing special without the rewards, and you're welcome for the extra weeks I used it where it paid out nothing. Uninstalling now. Worth a go!

#discover-apps SO BLEEPING AWESOME! I love it. Its google but You get points that will eventually get you something. I don't even pay attention to the points. Just go about your day. If you MUST check your points once a day. Once a week! They add up quickly.

If recommended by pch it most be good & trusted! If recommended by pch it most be good & trusted thank you I will try it if I like it I will recomend it to my friends and CoWorker..thank you again... Recommend to download Perk Browser APK.

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