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Easy to use, accurate and clear. I like that I can add/amend the list of symptoms and add notes to each calendar entry to track moods and symptoms. Currently using to help me conceive and monitor my cycles. Great!

It's good, it predicts when my period is due and used the app to get pregnant and I succeeded. The only disappointment is you have to pay other notifications. Worth a go!

Been using for 5 years...for a free app, it is very good. Only drawbacks is the lost of data when I changed phone. Worth it!

This app is A-mazing! You can track your symptoms, moods, extra notes and more! They average out when you next period is. They also average your moods and symptoms as well as anything else you wish to track on charts to know where you're at. I've found it to be very accurate and very reliable as well as useful! Highly recommend it for an easy/simple tracker. Fantastic

I love this app! It is one of the best free trackers that is available and I'm very happy with it. It lets you put notes your weights how you're feeling if you're having specific symptoms. It's one of the most comprehensive that I've seen and it's free! Superb!

I absolutely LOVE this app. Ive been using it about 3 years now.. Minus my time being preganant, and its pretty spot on with my periods. Plus the symptoms have helped keep a valid log of my anxiety and heartburn flare ups as well acne breakouts and moodswings. GREAT app Works perfectly

Its a great app, the only thing I don't like is if ur pregnant u can't suspend the app by telling it ur pregnant. But its the best app ever! I love it! Amazing!

Have used purely for tracking for many years now. First to help conception and now with Perimenopause. Couldnt be without it :) Perfect!

I greatly appreciate the views of what my wife and her body is going through. I love the things that i can do to help pr or to be ready fpr the day of arrival. Works great

I have very irregular cycles, so this helps me at least see when my last period was, how long it lasted, and what the flow was like. Worth it!

I've been using this app for about 4 years now. This app has great basic features, the free version, that I need to track my feminine life... It's pretty accurate and easy to use. Brilliant

Been using this app for a few years, it's been accurate 99% of the time and even through my pregnancy with my week by week updates it was perfect! Easy to use and a nice format. Works great

So far it has been right about my start date. Update I really like this app 2 years and it's only been off by 1 or 2 days but I still like this app.update,4 years still good. Works perfectly

I love this app, its good if your trying to concieve, or an excellent tracker so that time of the month doesnt catch you of guard, also great if your having issues and need to keep alot of information to hand over to your doctor. Brilliant

I have been using it for a while now and I have been trying to figure out how to change the length of my period without completely losing the information already programmed in the app. I want to be able to not only look back in the app to see the irregular changes in dates but also the time span. Flawless

Love this app. Helps me prove to my man when we made love so he can stop complaining. And he can stop asking if I'm mad because I'm on my period. Superb!

So Helpful! My daughter told me about this app a year ago and I love it been using it every since. Surprisingly

For any female who has made it to that time of her life that she has to have visits from aunt Flo this helps keep track of your cycle to a tee. It comes in handy for doctors appointments when they ask when your cycles were and symptoms you've been having. Plus it's easy to use and has cute buttons. Recommend

I dont like thatmt cycle days or the day i am on my period dont stay consitant on my widget on my home page. Cool

This has been a great app. They continue to improve it. The only thing that I wish they would change is to link the log in information with a history log. That way when you use a new device, you still have your history. Surprisingly

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