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My brother loves it. every time I wake up he asks me if he can borrow my iPad to play Peppa Superb!

I haven't seen a quality kids app in a while. It's very cute, interactive, and my toddler loves painting on it wow lol

Im 15 and play this ironically because im edgy n sheit , jokin ,but its good for killing time in a slightly weirder way than usual Perfect

My kids love it though it still has room for improvement. Hats off to the creator! Flawless

The little sister loves it I would recommend it to creative little minds who love to make things Perfect!

This game is totally rad like it's awsome you get to paint and all that other stuff Awesome

My kid really loved the game . She loves peepa pig. It is a great game for small children. Great job

I love it so much. I have too little sister that love to play on my phone so this app is so awesome so if you have little siblings that love to play with peppa pig thin you should danlode this app It is amazing Perfect

Its nice my sis is very fun to play this game so download it so so so so cool my sister said so download it nice graphics and easy to control Good

I love thid game. I love peppa pig, and it's educational. I've Loved Peppa Pig ever since I was 6. Good job Brilliant

Good.but i suggest to add more activity on its update because it making my sister laugh everytime the sounds on.... But its need some activity Worth a go!

My five year old sister loves peppa pig and this game really makes her happy thank you entertainment one Perfect

The picture l drew cannot be seen after l paint a one more.l like the colouring . It is nice. Well done!!

Selena Odd was a bit of a new one by one of the most popular and best wishes, and the family and friends. Brilliant

Constantly crashes on my samsung tab2 & ipad mini & my partners too. Not impressed. Muito bom!

Realy good got it for my two year old sister and she loves it she is always stealing my phone now Fantastic

This game is soooo fun!!! I am a 30 year old man and I still am lovin it!!!! I pretend that I got it for my three year old daughter even though I actually play it! Works perfectly

My 4 years old sister loves peppa pig and she played this game and now she loved it even more Enjoy it!

This app sooooooooo good because you can draw and it must be educational for preschoolers Brilliant

My daughter loves playing this game very entertaining esp with sound and moving graphics Go well

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