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Brilliant app, just what I was looking for, perfect for my 3 and 2 year old boys. When you're at a loss for something to do with your kids that will develop their knowledge of the world and skills, this app Provides some unique ideas and is made with a fun interface that allows the children to the part in finding a good activity. Highly recommended! Well done!!

My sister lives peppa and she really likes playing outside. These give her really good ideas to go outside and play fun games. I also like thois. It is themed with pigs (My favorite animals) and more. No bugs or anything. This is one of the best apps ever for when your bored. Recommend

Great app This app is so good for my sister every day she tells me if she could play but I have to say no because it's to early in the morning and I keep on telling her it's to early and she wakes me up like at least 5:30 in the morning and she just gets mad and I don't know why I just told her no and when she gets mad she just gets angry and when she's angry she makes a funny face but it's still a mad face she just wants me to give her my tablet so she could play on it Brilliant

GREAT ACTIVITIES I really love this app because my son gets to play since he loves peppa pig and when he's bored, he asks me what can we do in this "activity maker" app Fabulous!

I love this game itself so cool math games so you can make your own activities and limited time your child is on you're doing or screenplay and it just freezes when you're talking for that plastic thing goes on the educational games so I really think it's tearing very very very very very educational and very good for you it's good for everybody Just wow

very nice and fun This is part of my favorite game we do fun activities in real life and I get to like a person like my mom to help me and I love it very much and it is very fun and ha ha guys please stop saying it won't load Worth a go!

Hate don't download This game is sooooooooooo boring the screen turns Black or white and puts me back to the play store do not download this game Omg

So much fun :-) :-). I love this game is so much fun I got make my own games :-) :-) :-) :-( :-( :-( smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley :-) :-) :-) :-) smiley emoji smiley emoji this game was amazing...!!!! 20!s

I liked My daughter Summer is creative and she's 7. She to, d me , Get this game dad, so I did

Won't load Downloaded this and tried using but it won't load and crashes. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and still doesn't work. I'm using Android 4.4. Please fix this!

Troubleshooting with the app I think that was getting ready to load up but there was a problem with the app. Please fix it.

Great job peppa pig The first time in my life is good for you are hereby notified of the individual named addressee you may not be used and cannot wait for the first one is in a few minutes ago and he replied to the intended only a couple of the intended recipient or an employee and the rest are you going in to the next few weeks ago but have everlasting life and I

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