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Its sooooooooooooo[sooooooo. Cute. Its even. For. Little. Kids. Its fun to say my self. But you hafe. To buy. Tings like in all the Peppi. Games. Its annoying. Every. Time. You. Get. A new. Peppi. Game. It. Macks. You pay. For. Every. Ting love it

I really liked this game but I don't understand why on all Pepi games to access all of the game you have to pay money Highly Recommend.

It's soooo adorable because... It's soo fun and cute!!!!!! Superb!

Fun Fun but boring Great!

Doesn't close properly When you close the app, it's sounds are still left playing. I noticed some of the sounds even an hour after closing the app! I had to manually end the task to stop it. This means the app must still be actively draining the battery even after exiting it. Fabulous!

AMAZING !!!!! I love this app its amazing it doesn't do any harm on your tablet you should buy it now plus its for free

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Good, but.. It's a good apps and my daughter loves it, but the sounds are still on even when I close the apps

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