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Love it just needs to completely free couse all i can play in is the store dentist and exercise p,acd im really sad about that if you chang this i will rate 5 stars Great!

This game is very good Well done!!


It's nice for the kids to know the hospital I gave it 10/10, but can u add/make a game called pepi school I will be happy if do it Muito bom!

there were a lot of thing that would go missing when you taped on it but it is a fun game to play Marvelous

It's cool but I spent FREAKING 3.49 dollars for all these floors wth is wrong with ur company Not bad

I give it five stars cause i dont want to upset you game makers and i want all the room ok? Recommend

I loved it but make all the floors free it's boring only one floor whoever make these you just want the money wow lol

Snhsgshs I'm gonna die But I lovedbd this gbamae bye I wanted to play before Deathsh it's hard to type I'm shaking someone in hoysse Ahhh hshsbsbsbsn Great!

Please please please make it so the other ones are free. The game is starting to get really boring with two rooms. So please make the other ones free. Great job

Hmm ok I'll tell him yeah boi G O h have to do with anything that too long woke back up home now is to see if is man or boys are fùcking dumb cūnt platoon mate LEAVE the whole goal post up and go to enemy t3ams you thank God for the rat rex is u fūcking cowards way again for making a dream come true Cool

Ita the best game ever Not bad

Well I used the game before but now with the updates it dose not let me go on 1st floor or 3rd or 4th soo please fix that back thank you Worth it!

I love this game it's my favourite pls can you have the 20 mins otherwise I'll delete it because having the one floor is really really really really really really really boring and I haven't got the money for all 3 floors because I'm only a kid 10 Fabulous!

Really fun need to add more hospital rooms more IVs and more surgery items and more illness and more hospital items just add more stuff an it will be better an make it free kids don't have money.thxssss Marvelous

I only gave this app 5 stars because I want Pepi Play to read this. Listen up,if you want to make more money you should keep the 20 min button in the game. More and more people will get the app and play it. And then notice that they want to pay so they don't have only have 20 min to have to renew it again. Recommend

Can you please have the floors for longer also if you could try and make your other games free because I love this one and I'm sure I will like the other ones because I can't pay for any games but this is only if you can Amazing!

I would rate it 5 stars but can't have other things in the hospital so it gets boring eventually Marvelous

Can you please make Pepi Pets please??? Because i love this app very very much -3- ♡ Awesome

It was a good game but when you put no freaking 20 minutes I got annoyed so please make it free again Worth it!

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