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One death you die ... apparently Pro: few and perfectly reasonable permissions(!), easy setup, design | Con: requires social media account (I'd prefer email when it comes to body fluids), can't turn off the motivational quotes (an app telling me I'm "gorgeous" makes me cringe) Works great

Really nice and helpful I love how they address you personally and their English is perfect. I'm amazed! Surprisingly

Perfect! Although I'm still iffy about the accuracy, I've only been using it for a tiny bit so we'll see how everything goes. So far everything is good, but I didn't realize there were 8 days leading to ovulation. I thought it was only 6. Fantastic

Best!!! This app is simple to read. And isn't hard to understand. It give you great tips to use too!! I really really like it love it

Great app!! I love the fact that it gives me cute little compliments and it tracks my cycle really well. I love it! Not bad

It's awesome Helped me when I forgot when it could be coming. No more suprise for me it

Very helpful It's nice that I can make memos documenting weird thoughts/emotions/cravings. Although there are spelling errors in the messages

Makes me feel secure I dont care about the pregnancy or fertility for now. All i care is keeping a track of it. But for the future i must say this app will be very useful for me.. So thank you in advance.. Really love it

Pretty good It has all the tips and stuff you would need to get started and it's very helpful to keep up in case you never do, I found this app the best

Best by far... I actually understand how to use this app! I don't have to sign up for a gazillion newsletters and notifications just to know when I am ovulating. Kudos!!

Ecstatic Over the moon with this app, I've tried so many period apps and none of them I have been happy until now. Love how it fits in with your schedule and reminds and allows you to add how you're feeling on each day. Makes you feel connected and in tune with yourself. Thanks. ☺

Doing great When I log in I just log in through google because my android is already set up that way. It doesn't put personal information out. And let you create specific notes or memos. It also tells you when your fertile days are and when they are not by clicking in the calendar you can also adjust your flow level and if needed you can extend your period longer! It's a great app I love it!

LOVE the app but.... I love this app. Helps a lot and love the design. Only wish there was a setting to switch off the ovulation, I dont really care about that. Also a word is spelled incorrectly -when you add a note to your period it says "you have a 'not' added". Many other typos as well. Please check! Thanks

Very helpful Liking it so far. Just wish it gave opinions on the chance of pregnancy on the days you have intercourse.

Awesome This app brings me smiles even if i feel really bad and sick. And also helps me to schedule and control my periodic time.

Happy It gives little tips and comments that are just adorable :) so much better than other apps!

Terrible I can't believe anyone gave this 5 stars. You can't use it unless you sign in with Facebook or Google, no private account setup. Tracking is very limited. Date, flow, about 10 symptoms, and a note. None of these is customizable. No mood, no weight, the symptoms don't include symptoms I have such as spotting, bloating, or migraines. I had to put these in a note. Which leads me to the last thing which is spelling. Typos. Note is spelled "not" on the home page once you add one.

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