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Nice It's beautiful and minimalistic. The only thing I would add is the possibility to choose the start of the week as Monday. Just wow

Awesome I enjoy this app very much before it used to be a guessing game to find out my cycle and now I have an estimate date to look and prep for Great job

Personally not fond of the messages at the bottom. But I love the clean design of the app. wow lol

Amazing I have downloaded many such apps but dis is the best....does not have useless stuff and is kind of accurate 90% of the time Perfect

Good It has a very nice helpful assistant for your calendar and tells you things I wish this app would have a reminder. Must have

Love I downloaded about 4 other ones and hated it. This app even tells me goodnight :') it leaves little notes as well and I just love it. Better than all the others Works perfectly

I love this app. Its very informative! If you are looking for an app to remind you when your menstrual is coming on, suggest tips on what to eat, or why you might be a little cranky on a particular day, this is the app for you. It's like having a digital assistant. Perfect!

Human aspect I feel like the app knows everything about my, it's got a human aspect that I love. Superb!

Love this app however was not pleased with the update feel it was much better before. Pretty good

Cute I like how it "talks" to me and leaves notes. I just downloaded it so we shall see how it goes! Awesome

Awesome This is one if the best. I have tried many. I love how it says goodnight and gives you inspiring messages Marvelous

So SWEET The app is so cute and easy. Plus, it watches out for you giving you great tips. Fantastic

I love it I love it because it tracks down the days you start from the days you end and it's really helpful for me because now I don't have to here my mother telling me to track down my period when I have a app to track it down for me. So thank you for making this app. love it

Comparing two apps Installed two apps for a 4 months duration to see which app accurately (or almost ) predicted my next aunt flo visit Highly Recommend.

I Love This App It gives you tips and accurately tells when you start and end your period I really recommend this app (*^▽^*) Fabulous!

Nice So far it's definitely a great app. I've tried so many and this one is turning out to be my favorite Just wow

I love it I love how it seems like the app is your friend and talks to you life a friend would. Good

Pinpointing BOMB! So I had a pregnancy scare. Turns out that something was going around leaving alot of women feeling that way. So that was enough for me to definitely find another way to keep records of my period beside my daily schedule. This app is great Enjoy it!

Guzel Not bad. The comments can be repetitive and theres no option to turn them off. Otherwise would give 5 stars. Flawless

Amazing I've been using it for a very long time and I like that you can use a password to lock it so your friends can't open it it is very accurate too Perfect

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