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Super Cute and Friendly It gives some really good tips, its accurate and its as if you're talking to a real friend . I would love if we could have a little friend icon and dress her up that would be cool otherwise its awesome or if it could recommend good music that would be ace ♡ Good

Loved it This helped me so much.And the app is so kind.If you install it you'll get what I mean Awesome

Great app! I love how simple this is to use. I also enjoy reading the little comments the app has, depending on where you are in your cycle. Makes keeping track of your period fun and easy! Great!

I really like this app. It does everything I needed and the small advices are fun and quite useful. Go well

Love this app The little comments from the app are so cute and encouraging, from someone with crazy periods this is one of the best apps Perfect!

Very Useful App I Love this app! It is very accurate and I highly recommend to all that are in search of an app that will track your cycle to the "T" wow lol

OK Sometimes this most of the time this app is off when it comes to my period.but im going to keep working with it and see how it goes i havent had it long love it

Improvement needed It's a step up from the generic period trackers for you last period it only ask for when you started I would rather put in when I started and when it ended Not bad

Love, but no cycle charts I love this app, but I like keeping track of how long each cycle is and this app doesn't show all my cycles in a chart or graph of anything so I hope you guys can incorporate one in the future :) Good

Uplifting and Efficient I love the app. It has great advice, and doesn't have ads. I love the layout, it's easy to use and navigate. The only thing I wish were different were an option for irregular periods. My periods are never regular, but I am still young - anyway it's a great app. Amazing!

Amazing I love this so much! Not only does it track my period, which is already extremely useful since I've always had trouble keeping up with my period, but it keeps me positive. After a bad day at school where I kept on snapping I come home and am like "oh yeah, I should record this" and am met with positive messages. It truly is like a friend and I can honestly say I am in love with this app. A+ for sure!! Surprisingly

no back up option?? the update just lost all of my previous information that i entered. very aggravating, im going to be uninstalling and finding a different app. i was really liking it at first, but there isnt a sync option so when the app updates your information is not stored. Worth a go!

Really easy to use and it's so cute Not bad

Wow, this app is uplifting. It helps you get through the day and if you feel sad there is always a message that could help you. Enjoy it!

Cute So funny but makes you feel like its the only person who understands you. Adds humor to your day Omg

Love it It makes periods so much more bearable! Gives inspirational quotes & motivation. Brilliant

Helps me Out Helps me out alot! Better than the other trackers ive used. Also, give you some tips, or what to do. Love it so far Fabulous!

Well I loved this app then when it updated all my data was erased except my name and account Worth it!

Update disappointment Lost all dates and info from calendar. If I knew the info to put in the app after update I wouldn't need the app! Now I have to start over like installing the app for the first time. Need to have a way to backup or save info. This is the second time I've had to start over with this app. Considering other apps now :/ Flawless

Love it I surprising enough loved it it really helped with alot of stuff I didn't even know I needed and it has a specialist for those unavoidable problems. Highly Recommend.

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