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something's missing I just installed the app and it's seems great but I feel like something's missing. I had several days of abnormal spotting. I want to track it but calling it vaginal discharge doesn't seems right if I don't include it in my period days(it just feel like normal vaginal discharge) Okay I can just add a note about it but I want it to be more noticeable in case it happen again I don't want to have to check all days were I put notes to check if it's that time or if I just add a note about some other symptoms. Works great

Super handy!! This app is handy and cute. It's great that my info is still saved even when I got a new phone because you just sign back into your account. Perfect!

I love pepap Its the best. And its like sirie cause I talks to u and gives you the weather sometimes ❣ Brilliant

Cute App! I have been using this for over a year now and I find it super helpful! Usually I am caught unprepared at my time of the month but Pepapp makes it super easy to update and keep track of my cycle. The only thing I would suggest is maybe having someone who speaks English as a first language proof read the little notices that come up. Sometimes the wording is just a bit off and sounds a tad silly - but I just find it cute and good for a laugh Worth a go!

Wish come tru I wish they had this out when I was younger. Me and my daughter both use this app. It is easy to understand and I can keep track of when he comes and goes. Yes my period is a man. Because he makes me so damn tried all the time lol Fabulous!

Love the app for its simplicity and those wonderful messages The app is simple without any unnecessary categories and details. I love the messages. They really uplift my mood in difficult days. Just have one issue - sometimes it automatically changes my cycle length. Perfect!

I love you It sometimes gives random notifications and says i love you. I am feeling like i have a emotional connection with this app. I am feeling i am being loved. Im so lonely. Thank you for loving me unconditionally i love you too babe Muito bom!

Quite cute It's a very nice app! My only complaint is that some advice and messages are too specific/feminine. Not all women can relate. Worth it!

It's the best thing a woman needs!! I get embarrassed to talk to my friends about my period, and my Best friend hasn't started so this app is a good friend to talk to!!! Pretty good

It's a great format and simple to use. However the advice is given in poor gramma and language use and sounding patronising. Superb!

I Love this app This app is amazing i never need another period app again i usually can never stay with one but this is awesome, it also helped me realize i need chocolate pistachios all the time Just wow

So helpful! It is so useful! I love the reminders and how easy it is to add symptoms and other notes. Great job

Its nice. Pretty chill app. Reminds you. Can keep changing stuff. Quirky little one liners for each day. Well done!!

Cute!!! The design is very good and especially if you're new to ministrations you can fix your cycle day once it evens out. Cool

Amazing Just simply amazing. So helpful and it predicted everything PERFECTLY! Recommend

This is the best I've ever had Y'all got to get this app it's the best out there. It'll keep track of your periods, you can record your symptoms and moods and alot more. Try it out and see what y'all think. Flawless

Pros: simplicity and style Very neat. Liked! What I did not like is ads (I'd better buy the app pro or premium) and social net login. What I feel is lacking - extensive logging as in Glow. Like amount of mucus secreted and stuff. Glow is overkill, Pepapp is a lil less than what I need. Perfect

The best I just love it. It keeps track of ur period . Let's you know when you're gonna start by sending you notifications 5 days before and everyday after that until you do Start on the day you're supposed to. Let's you know things about periods like why you crave chocolate and stuff like that. Highly Recommend.

This app is the one This app is like my best friend.i seem to always keep this app on all of my devices.its so much more helpful than a stupid calendar bc it can let u know when you get your . and when you'll get it in the future . Enjoy it!

Lovely So far this is the best period app tracker I have tried so far. The interface isn't too pink (why do many mestrual apps overdo it with the pink?). It's is not an eyesore, unlike others. Also, the predictions usually are spot on after inputting the correct dates. It has some amusing notes in the homepage. Overall it just makes managing my period easier, which in turn makes me a happier person :) Works perfectly

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