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Very useful app but I HATE notification that's make me feel so personal between app developer and someone. This notification it's not for me or every user . Great!

I love this app, it keeps track well and while some people might find the notifications annoying I kind of love them. They are so weird and random but they're fun and can be oddly friendly lol Enjoy it!

This app is really useful and it is just amazing! The notifications are a bit annoying but other than that this app is really good Works great

It really helps me make sure when i should and shouldnt have unprotected sex. Its perfect Worth it!

This is literally thr BEST period tracker app I've ever seen Muito bom!

It's a great app, but getting the same notifications for 30 minutes over and over and over is getting really old. Highly Recommend.

This app used to be awesome. Yes, the notifications see a little annoying, especially when you receive the same one multiple times in a row, but the worst part now is that it takes forever to sign in. I once let it sit for 20 minutes, and had to start all over because I got a phone call Good

Very Nice tracker! It's straight to the point, not tmi for sex info which is good for me, great graphics, super simple, I like the assistant, but I want to change the pic dunno how to do it, so its 1 less star for that reason alone Good

It's a wonderful app! Aside of the spelling error of the word 'Assistant.' But I'm just a really picky person. Lovely app. I recommend it to every woman. Muito bom!

The daily messages are very annoying and the app is full of spelling errors. But it does the job. Works perfectly

Great and very useful app, but this ridiculous push notifications start pissing me off. Dear app developers, you made a great product with great design, which is not pink (thanks God:)) but please, remove these notifications! No one is interested to be pinged daily by the period tracker app. Thanks. Great job

Love it for the fact that I lost my phone and in my new phone I downloaded it and by login in was able to see my all my previous entries, with is great Works great

Pepapp is actually really helpful it gives great advice and for those girls who don't really keep track of their period and don't know its coming until its there pepapp will send reminders so you don't forget I think this app is absolutely incredible! 5 star

I recommend it to ALL other women and girls with trouble keeping up with there period!: ) Go well

Not only does it help you keep track of your periods, but it gives suggestions to help with any of the symptoms you list for each period. It also gives you a heads up for when your period is coming. Worth it!

It was excellent before the update. Now it is useless. It freezes and it is quite annyoying. Update: the app team wrote to me after my review and they took care of the issue. The app now works fine and it is absolutely a great tool. THANK YOU. Amazing!

Like it over all. Predictions don't seem to self adjust. A too many push notifications. If my cycle is delayed it asks me 20 times or more each day. Sometimes every minute. I like the advise of natural solutions to symptoms. Just wow

Unable to log in Hi there, basically i didn't log out and i dont use to log out thos app. I just tap in whenever i need to check my menstruation. Unfortunately, when i wanted to check my next menstruation, i realized it need to sign in. 1st time happened to me, can you please get back my data? Last month was still functioning well. I used almost a year already, 'alicia sam' is my username in pepapp. Please… hope for your soonest reply, thank you. wow lol

Fena değil Uygulamaya güncelleme gelirse çok iyi olur. Aynı notları gönderiyor sürekli. Recommend

Too many notifications. I don't need to be asked 34 times if I'm on my period or not. Literally had to turn off notifications for the app. It never used to happen, but now the app is more irritating than helpful. love it

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