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I think..... this is the best period app ever?!! sends you a advice every day-its cool- and says what you do should or shouldn't. Also bestest thanx xoxo Not bad

Uplifting and cute quotes, pictures and statements. It makes tracking your period less of a chore, and the penguin pictures and motivational snippets are super comforting. I've never written a review for any app, regardless of how much I loved it, but Pepapp is something that women should know about, it is like your best friend created a period tracker for you. Great!

I think this app is adorable and funny. It's really accurate and I love the tips it gives. After using an old app for 5 years, this one is definitely a keeper. Marvelous

I gave a 4 star rating because it could fuses me a small bit but is very helpful and the organization is a fantastic change for me! Not bad

Ovulation period varies from other similar apps and another app can help determine child's sex if you planning to get pregnant. Just wow

Is there something wrong woth the app at the moment? It keep giving me a message that there is no internet connection but ally other apps work. Just wow

I prefer this over all the rest I tried downloading! You can actually delete period dates if you make a mistake!!!! Magical Cool

Would be even nicer if it could track moods and the contraceptive methods especially. Worth it!

Çok güzel özellikle hiç beklenmeyen anda güzel sözler göndermesi insanı mutlu ediyor :) Go well

Those cute advice really does puts a smile on my face, but wish it would give me tips/knowledge about when I'm having missed periods Not bad

Beyaz giyip regl olmus bir kadini turk bayragina benzeten assagilik bir uygulama. Amazing!

This application was ok, until it started telling me that my period was coming six times in under one minute... As if my uterus isn't attached to me? Worth a go!

I like This app apposed to the other period apps out there! I really like when they leave me postive messages, especially if I check off that i have bad cramps. They say that we can get through this together & to hang in there. Also like that I can sign in so none of my info gets lost! Cool

Accuracy has fallen off since my last review but that could just be my body. But these notifications. Tells me good morning every night at 1030pm even though the correct time zone is on. And I literally have 12 of the exact same notifications. If I respond to it it pops right back up. It's like I angered it. Five minutes from deleting the app completely. Go well

I absolutly love this. I love the cute little notes and suggestions that i get and i like how orgonized and easy to use this is. Fantastic

It's well equipped and organized throughout the day. I've been using this app for about 2 years now and never had a problem. It's kept personal for you only with a password for only you to access and notify you with positive comments of the day. Love It!!!❤ Enjoy it!

It's a great app and a great friend but i wish each week there was a new topic in pepzine Cool

The app is very tidy, not clustered and NOT pink yay. I love those little messages with reminders everyday and facts, or those funny ones. They brighten the mood and remind me things I forget being too focused on how much in pain I am or being damnable emotional haha. I see people saying they're annoyed by notifications, but I've been using this app for quite a long time and I don't get that many, but a reasonable amount of those on some days so it doesn't annoy me. It's actually the best period calender app I have ever used. Keep up the good work Fabulous!

Was already good, and the update made it even better. (My review from 2016). I took off a star because the notifications are annoying. I get four or more of the same notifications within seconds of each other and it's really annoying. Go well

I don't know why but I'm not satisfied with this application. I need more positive advice maybe. And I need advices about how to get pregnant easily. Could be nicer. Fabulous!

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