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It is the perfect app for a woman and I think every woman who gets periods need this app in her mobile Worth a go!

I love this, its accurate and gives you a heads up. They also give you tips and stuff. I've tried other apps like this, but this is the best one so far. Works perfectly

The set language switches to other language at times but it's actually a great app Great!

uygulamayı neredeyse bir aydan fazla bir süredir açamıyorum ve bu durum sürekli olarak tekrar ediyor Perfect

I think it's a pretty good app, but still needs more options, i.e. would be nice to be able to add personalized symptoms or additional reminders. Also it needs to be available in more languages Pretty good

Keeps switching my language from English to Dutch... granted I dont speak that... it gets kinda difficult... if I didn't have my information I would have deleted this app.. 5 star

I love it when the app gives tips. However there could be more info and guidance on pregnancy. App should allow to be more customized,its a bit limited. Must have

Does not allow you to sign up with Google account etc. so why have it there as an option? Fix please. Well done!!

Love the new update and the small pieces of advice it gives but was hoping for more. Just wish it was more customisable in terms of my profile, the themes and a Pill tracker/reminder. Not interested in ovulation so wish I could turn it off too. wow lol

Atleast I can rely on accuracy and the fact that it won't crash. How do you edit past few month entries? I'm abit lost on that... Not bad

The penguin really makes me feel better whether it's attitude or the tips. I love this app and wished I discovered it sooner thank you creators! love it

What short time I've used it, I love it! It's a really neat app with more to offer than just period tracking. Flawless

It helps me keep track of when I'm going to get my next period and even for many months ahead. It's truly amazing without it I would have to memorize when and I'm not that good at it. I absolutely love the app. Superb!

I annoys me that it calls me honey all the time, and tells me I'm cute when I'm angry. I'm sure this app is great, but this was a deal breaker for me. Could not find anywhere to change this. I'm 40 so I may not be their target user age? I'm sure it's great for teens. Perfect

It's great, a lighthearted friend that keeps track of your cycle. The english is a bit off sometimes but just adds to the amusement, also very accurate at predicting period and ovulation times. Amazing!

Help me keep track of when it's time, love it. I check it every time I feel my self get cranky. Got to love it. Fantastic

it used to work soo good, but why cant i extend my period length now after the updates? please fix this :( Muito bom!

Good app but not completely accurate. Also, some spellings were off and every message it sent said "honey" I am now much happier with Clue. Fantastic

Kaç uygulama dolaştım bu cidden güzel Edit:Yanlışlıkla çıkışa bastım ve tekrar girdiğimde bütün tarihler uçmuştu....Neden pepapp? Worth it!

What's with the update? You can't see your calendar without internet connection :/ Otherwise it's really good. Please let us access the app without internet Muito bom!

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