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I was hoping someone would have made this and they do! Simple to install (Root needed), simple to add apps in & out of the application. This is what is called a Must have app for the Note 3. I am happy to report that this application also works on a Note 4 Developer Edition that has been rooted.

Wow! Can't believe this isn't a stock feature. What I mean is... We shouldn't have to root our devices for something as useful as this, and simple too. It's just crazy. This is fantastic. Finally being able to use any window as a floating window... Wow.

Amazing Great app. Those who are having issues. You are probably doing what I was. When you add new apps save and reboot. When you draw your pen Window there is a pen icon on that Window, you hit that icon and it let's you add and remove the apps!

Excellent but not perfect Works great for nearly all apps I tried however chrome seems to render strangely with the window split into two parts and can't be moved around, critical app so hope chrome is fixed

Absolutely great When I purchased the note 3. I always thought all apps are pen window compatible. Boy was I wrong! But after root this app works like a charm and really makes the phone come alive. Thank you so much ☺

Works, but not obvious It works on my rooted N3 phone. It didn't work at first, because I forgot to save, restart, and didn't realize that the new apps have to be added again when the square opens.

Nice It's there when I need it to be without a any delay and organized with my left styles on demand priorities. Let's see if they can just make it a little more fun to get into to that would make me forget about my old ways.

Change with 4.4 Awesome app! I just upgraded to KK and Pen Manager seemed to stop working but you just have to add the apps through Pen Window and then open a pen window and add the apps again from the edit function. Basically it's a 2 step process to add the apps and it's not really obvious at first.

The power of multitasking++ This is exactly what I was looking for and I am glad someone thought of it and implemented it perfectly. Never gave me any prob with any app and runs smoothly. Good job

Great App I really love the app. The developer is very quick in responding to my query. What an excellent service. Keep up the good work!

Great Pretty impressive.. just one problem i picked up. With the camera it opens wide instead of portraid, and it rotates 90° counter clock wise doesnt matter how i turn my phone. If you can fix this it would be awesome!!

Thanks I don't know how but this app was working great along with pen launcher and multiwindow plus on my android 4.3, when I used to open any app I can dock it in four windows (feature of multiwindow plus).But after upgrading my note 3 to 4.4.2 kitkat this feature is gone, can you please add this feature...

Works great now Ever since I updated my note 3 to 4.4.2, and rooted again; this app has been working wonderfully. It's so nice to be able to use pen window for things like Google+, facebook, and snapchat.

Update review:)! Working flawlessly on my note 3 4.4.2 latest version. Updated from 3 to 5 stars.

Amazing !! This App is really great .. 10 Stars won't be even enough for that awesome app .. thanks a lot developer and keep it up

Dean not work on Jedi Rom Running Jedi Rom which puts every single app you have installed in the list with no option to customize what is Shown . I downloaded this app in hopes of organizing the list but alas it does not seem to work with my rom. It's a good app for those running stock or a compatible rom, however

notice kitkat 4.4.2 users notice that on kitkat 4.4.2 update the apps added not directly to the pen window. when you open pen window you have to click the edit button and drag & drop apps from the bottom of the screen to the pen window.

Wow...just WOW I have been rooted for over 2 weeks and I'd have never imagined this was possible..I was already psyched with the dual-window capability, but this! U can fill the screen with windows, the Note 3 is already an AWESOME device..but, you guys nailed it ;) This is a perfect topic to pummel those root skeptics.

Great but... How do I change the window size once I've already set it up? I'm not finding any settings option anywhere...

Great and useful. Simple and straightforward design. Really wish we could sort the applications alphabetically. We can sort within the app, but when opened, it's in random order. It's great and I use it everyday. Very consistent and doesn't crash.

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