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Amazing! It's just amazing coz I am a careless teen who always looses everything and even the TV and ac remote! N this app just does the work for me n right in my phone! Oh! I am not careless enough to loose my phone after all! Surprisingly

Best Remote App & The Only Remote App That REALLY Works For My LG Google TV Since LG Stopped Supporting The Remote Blaster App And Almost Every App On The TV. This Is The Only App That Truly Works Every Function On My TV. And I Have Not Had Any Adds Show Up On Mine. They Used To Pop Up Non Stop But They Just Completely Stopped Awhile Ago Without Paying For An Add Free Version (If They Have One). Great!

Would love app if it didn't have so many ads. The ads are ridiculous and not only play when app is open but also takes over my lock screen! Lovely Works perfectly


I tried to subscribe to the pay version and still had obnoxious ads that constantly came up. Functions of the app work pretty well, but ads are intrusive and the app turns itself on at odd times. Not bad

It's great. We lost our remote control and now we get to use this! Worth a go!

This app is progressively becoming more tedious and not worth the convenience. I can only access the remote by my lock screen, and now there's ads that constantly pop up over my screen when I'm not using the app about battery conservation and it's very annoying. They've implemented terrible systems in this app and I'm probably uninstalling soon. Not bad

Still some models not supported and what are the real reasons for the daily updates?? Superb!

برنامه خوبیه فقط این تبلیغات شو میشد یه کاریش کرد عالی میشد بروبچ کسی بلده چه کنیم ؟ برنامه من دیفالت روی گوشی‌بود نوت۴ Perfect!

I have used this app for over a year & until 12/17 update I really liked it. Since update with the mini control panel on to even when screen locked my Galaxy Note 4 it awaken but a incoming notificition it doesn't go back to sleep. Very annoying at night when trying to sleep! Also bad as could burn immage into screen. Please fix before I have to uninstall. Go well

This app is BRILLIANT for pranks. I've done it multiple times and people think there TV is broken when I switch on and off, change the channels etc. Definently download!!! Muito bom!

Absolutly love this app ecept one thing the lock screen tab it just gets I'm the way I hate it there needs to be a way to turn that off please fux that. I don't want to have to delete the app but that tab is aweful other then that I love it Awesome

I like the app and all but the smart lock thing that has pictures and lullaby's only is on your screen ONCE a day! I would very much appreciate it if you could make it so every time you turn the device off, like the the S 7 edge. Great app though!! Fantastic

I have been using the Peel remote for awhile now. I finally signed up for the free ads which was only a dollar, but I was still getting the pop up ads regardless. I tried contacting the provider and received no answer to my inquiry as to why I was still getting ads. I would click on manage, and it would tell me I was subscribed for the No Ads. If they ever get it right, I ay try it again. In the meantime I will endure the popup ads since I lost my remote. Other than that works fine to turn on and off my tv, control the volume and change channels. Go well

This app is a life saver! The tv I bought came with a remote that wouldn't sync up to it. I thought for sure I'd have to go out & spend more money on a universal remote... Until I remembered I had one already installed on my Samsung phone (only makes sense. Samsung TV, Samsung phone!) If you're willing to put up with a few ads a day, you will have a fully functional remote for your TV, cable/satellite, Xbox.. love it

L♡ve this app. No matter where I go, it knows how to change channels or turn on tvs. I totally freak people out when they invite me over. Just wow

Good app just extremely frustrating every time I push a button it double taps it making in very frustrating to get to where I want on various menues. Perfect!

I am so angry that after paying the subscription the ads don't stop!! Very disappointing. Huawei Mate 10 pro on Oreo. Fabulous!

Only App that works with my service provider and crazy manufacture of my tv!! This has saved the day so many times when we lost the remote!! Thank you!!! Not bad

I think this is great if i can't find the tv temote i just use my phne. We always know where our phne is. Its easy to set up with step by step instructions. LOVE IT Worth it!

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