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Most accurate app. I have used some other popular android apps in order to count my foot steps. I found that this app 99% accurate. That's all what I needed. Great work by the developers. Just wow

Sometimes it doesn't track my it failed to track my first 6-7km!! Works 80% of the time. Worth it!

خوبه اگه فارسی کامل باشه برنامه Surprisingly

I think it's pretty good just downloaded a few days back need to really try it for some time Perfect

Track my steps in kilometers which is the measure of distance I use to walk/run/race. These measurements are easily modified to miles if interested. 5 star

Sometimes it doesn't measure my vital signs. But most of the time it is working. Just wow

Simple and easy but also has a ton of exercises from HIIT to simple stretches for overall health. Perfect!

Just installed this app today, and so far it is counting properly. Better than others I have tried. Flawless

Quite helpful, compact & nice looking. Just installed tonight & took it for a couple of runs. Data nicely presented. I'd be careful with the "assessment" sections for depression etc. as those type of diagnosis take lengthy/specialized settings, materials and of course, highly trained professionals in the field. Love the heart rate function! Must have

This is a great app. And it is accurate with rhe bp/heart rate metrics. I compared it to my dr's results. Fabulous. Great job

It's good but wasted all my health coins 1134 of them. Sometimes doesn't count my steps also wants be to keep signing in. It gets right on my flipin nerves Worth a go!

It has a lot of good features but counting steps isnt one of them. It counted over 1200 steps while i was sitting at my desk Flawless

Are there any apps that do not count steps for whenever you just move your phone? Fantastic

I downloaded this app because it seems one of the better ones out of them all Just curious on how many steps I do in my working hours Worth a go!

I've been liking this a lot but today it's added 12000 steps while traveling in a car. Is there any way to adjust it to make it more accurate?? Awesome

The BMI calculation is ridiculous, for me to be 55kg I'd need to be 10cm shorter (pun intended) - I am not colour blind -the exercises are written up strangely & unrealistic if you were a beginner -pedometer is okay though Worth a go!

As a pedometer it is very inaccurate. There is no way no how I walk 3500 steps the 2 hr Im awake before work. ( U can trust me on that one) As an exercise app though Im kinda' diggin' it. Good

Can u imagine such type of good app is possible.great job guys keep going. And counting step is real so don't worry about it. U should download this app. Muito bom!

A good app that has desired features in the free version itself. Worth trying the free version and move on to the basic paid version. Loved it! Good

Thank for helping me to get approval for my health. I don't have money to go GYM. God bless you. 5 star

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