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Big Addiction My daughter and I love the game, we just finished the last level. Sometimes we would get stuck and would search stuff online, and sometimes we would get stuck, and sometimes we would breeze right thru.

Points too frustrating The puzzles are intriguing. Earning points is rigged. If the answer isn't obvious, it takes forever to get enough points to get a clue! Watching an advertisement is supposed to be 10 points but often they give you only 3. This site should be fun, not FRUSTRATING. I expect PBS to play fair, not lie.

Fun but limited Great concept! Fun for all ages. To earn coins, which are used to buy hints, you can choose watch ads. I like this idea because it gives me the option instead of forcing me to watch, but the videos buffer forever or not at all. I also wish I could drag letters into placeholders instead of having to begin at the start of the word.

Has its moments. Some of the answers are very generic, while others are very specific. Like one might be Lizard, and another might be iguana. Some of the pictures are so zoomed in, you'll be taking umpteen stabs before likely getting it on accident.

Pretty good Fun and challenging. A little annoying that you can only watch so many ads for coins.

Fun time killer, but somewhat frustrating. Fun little time killer. Some puzzles are super easy, and some are ridiculously hard. Also frustrating that multi-word answers appear as one long word, much like a crossword. Sometimes the answer doesn't really match the category. Also, I ran out of puzzles and I feel like the "coming soon" section might never come.

Cool This is a fun thing to pass time when you only have a few minutes. Keeps the mind sharp.

Thank you! Fun guessing game that educates as you go....but now most sound effects won't work after the "farm life" level....please fix :)

Fun game For me and my nephews. We've made it through all of the tiers, though, and are waiting for more.

Updated to 3 stars as I can be very frustrating don't count on getting enough points from solving the puzzles to open the next window early (it will open automatically once you complete the previous window) you can buy points or just wait as every 12 hours if you open the game you get 50 bonus points. Uninstalled after a while as the picture was either easy or very hard, after a while it was not fun I think it's made that way so you buy the hints

Late night fun My wife and I would wind down solving a few together before bed. It saved my marriage. :-)

Good This game is great but would be better without the adware installed and pop ups. I haven't uninstalled because it is fun

Very informative but.... I really liked the game but some were just too hard to figure out and I can only watch so many ad videos to get coins. Un installing....

Great Game The gameplay is enjoyably challenging. The quality of the pictures is good. The popup facts are interesting. The app runs smoothly.

Love the facts! Pretty fun game. I just wish it specified when an answer was more than one word.

Great potential I think this would be a great game with less push for IAP. The pictures are zoomed in too far for most people to recognize. I love the facts after each level. I feel this app was purposely designed to be too difficult to complete without purchasing additional coins. Permanently zoom out the pictures to the zoom out bonus size and you would have a five star app.

Fun and can be challenging Many pics are easy, but some are really hard, which I like, since it's challenging and works out my brain.

Good little tidbits For each puzzle you solve, it gives you a little bit of historical information about the image. However, there is a popup to watch an add to get coins that I'm not fond of seeing often.

Fun game The game is fun, but the Dove Ad is misery to watch. It just continually buffers. Also, there is no log in... so when I got a new phone I had to start over

Needs improving It would be better if you were given better hints or zooming out. The obscene charges for a yint a rear ridiculous compared to how many coins you get for answering correct. I will be uninstalling this App. Sorry PBS

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