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So, as a pagan, I downloaded this app thinking that I was downloading an actual digital grimoire. My idea was that I was going to have spells pre-installed into the grimoire, and also be able to insert my own personalized spells. However! After downloading, it dawned on me that this is not an actual spell book, but something for a God damn game or something. I got this idea to type in digital grimoire, because I heard that other witches kept digital grimoires, I thought it was pretty cool and convenient considering that not everyone can keep a physical grimoire, or maybe you might lose your grimoire, or might not have it on you at the moment and I need to refer to something. I downloaded this app thinking it was legitimately a digital grimoire, and this is for some kind of game. Anyways, I suppose for people who actually played this game, this is a good app. I'm just going to give you guys five stars for my mistake. I'm off to find an actual digital grimoire where I can record my spells, and maybe have some spells already pre-recorded in there to try out. Omg

Pretty good resource for my witch/alchemist. Just 2 things: missing "hex vulnerability" spell and I wish I could make a list containing all my favorite spells for gestalt character in one list. Must have

I really like this app concept. As someone who plays a lot of spellslingers, there is something really appealing to the concept of carrying a digital spellbook around in your pocket. But you're missing quite a few basic spells and for some reason it always resets to the wizard when the app closes. I thought I read in the tutorial that it was supposed to maintain the last class chosen when it is closed. It is not doing so and that has become mildly annoying. It will sometimes even reset to the wizard class in the middle of a session. Flawless

Advanced Class Guide missing? A great app for what it does, but there are spells missing form the Alchemist's formula list at least. From a quick glance, it looks to be that spells from the advanced class guide are the only ones missing. Still a good app, but I'd like to see a fully comprehensive list. Not bad

Missing blood transcription, don't much like the fact that favorited spells drop off the main lists. wish i could create a personal list but it's enough... Cool

Not bad but things are missing Death knell and summon monster 1 were not there when I searched them as well as a couple others. I like the app a lot but it says all spells and not all spells are there. Other than that I'm very pleased with this app

Good app but has issues This is a great app. Had loads of spells, however it won't stay on the class I need. Every time I close it it goes back to the default wizard spells. Would also love the ability to save prepared spells for a character.

Really good at what it does! But I'd like to see the occult classes and their spells added, apart from that it works well as a reference

Great app, but... It would be even better if it remembered the last entered filter (at least class) on reopening the app. That and a way to creatie multiple favorite lists (per character) would definitely earn it five stars.

Very good Really good set up, I just wish you could set the filter to all classes, because it effects the visibility of the favorites lists.

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