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This game is very nice game I like it please download this game you download you how many enjoyable things that you do not remember very nice game I like it very much please download my small brother download this game feel like this games very very much see me this game is very very very very much good good I like it game like this game very much and I also like this game so you download this game Works great

Lovely game but has to many adds that slows it but otherwise I will give this game a bingo. My daughter loves this game. Perfect

It loads super slow kinda addictive always have to watch videos to get things sometimes when I hit the no button it selects yes Cool

First gave full version then i will like this game and i will gave 5 Stars now there is no full version so i hate it Just wow

Best cake game ever played .its amazing every one should play this game if they want Fabulous!

This game is nice but all version should be open and we have to give our own money it's not nice please send that it get better game because we cannot give our own money Recommend

Well it is a nice game but I just hate the in app purchase thing cause like all the good stuff are locked Go well

I love the game because I love decorating cakes and the games came decorations are beautiful. Flawless

I thnk its great but the only issu is that you dont have the full version and wont let me down lode it. Great!

Love this game. The graphics are good but most of the features are locked unless you purchase the whole game. So rating this 3 stars. Marvelous

I love coco play by tabtale.. Because it graphics is very nice and easy to controls.. I give this game 5 stars. Perfect

Well I do wish most of the things were NOT looked other than that its a great game Fantastic

I downloaded this game for my 3 year old brother and he loves it, but it does have it's flaws. Way too many adds and they slow down the game Superb!

Hi everyone, this game was good... I like it,but to buy full version they should not keep that much amount. People who not Abel to pay the amount they will not install the game Must have

Good game, but it is very boring because if one level is locked we have to do the same cake Perfect

Awesome I love to bake and it feels like I actually am baking I look out there for baking games and I can never find good ones this one is wonderful. Good

This game is not nice at all because when we select the recipe some things are not available from the recipe . Some stages are not opened time is incorrect Great job

Hi , I liked this game very much . Soooo interesting !!!!!! Feels like to play more task Recommend

I love this game ,but why can't it came with all the levels opened or even if they want to install using data not money y I don't even have an account, which one am I going to use? Amazing!

I think that this game was not good because in this game only birthday cake and cupcake is unlock not smoothie and other plz update Marvelous

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