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Please next time open all things nd not as good as shown in the pictures most which I love ,the wedding cake is locked nd can be opened only by money nd its too expensive Cool

Hated ,it is too boring but my sister liked it Please update makingf wedding game and juice making game so I can play it please reply me fast that you will update that things Great job

I love this game. It awesome because it teaches me how to make cakes and other types of things. U should try this game. Fabulous!

It was a amazing game but I want to play the unlocked items like wedding cake maker , photo booth and other locked items Marvelous

I think all the girls should play this game because in this app many recipes to learn but ads are ridiculous Recommend

This game is Awesome which i have never played..... Good

I like this game very much. I love it. In this game we have to cook different types of cakes. It is funny . But one problem there are so many adds. Fantastic

I loved this game and the baking well you should also download this game l don't know what to say t. So please download this game Superb!

I like this game this game is very good and I think that this game will keep more dates I don't want to say anything this game is very nice love it

I like it but i want you to take off the pay thing please about the cakes and decorations i love it but please take the paying things please Muito bom!

It's ok but if you want to make it better I would make more iceings and make it more fair like a whole lot and make it cheaper because you don't need money Just wow

It's a very nice game, but in the next update I wish that all the locked things should be unlocked.... Perfect

It's really Good app because I tried to make 1 of the cakes and it worked, wow. love it

I think it is awesome but you just need to be able to make your own cake how ever you want to Well done!!

It is good but we have to buy the things and have so many aads between the games Great job

I love it but the whole thing should be open and I hate that it has add every time it done making something but I love it but it's not that interesting that much I think you should make level so the higher you get everything open and you should get the city whatever it is bigger. BUT I LOVE IT Fabulous!

Boleh tahan laa games bg 3 Works perfectly

It's OK I mean it would be better with more option. But it's still a great game. Superb!

There should be able to cook to eg of food Brilliant

I Love This App........ because in the cup cake we have a lot of fun. Me and cousin are seeing the playstore to play the more gorjious game. Then I see this game i to my cousin to download this game. Iwant to play this game. Then she download this game and playing with me. I take alot of fun in this game. He/she is very crazy lazy moodziiiii person who don't like this game. ''I LOVE THIS GAME'' Brilliant

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