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Nice, but I have to pay Worth a go!

Nice game but to many adds Whenever I clicked the blue decorative there was an angry birds add and after it , it took many minutes or maybe hours for the game to settle Perfect!

It's quite a good game and the ideas behind it are brilliant but it just takes too long to load and it is a bit slow, however I like the fact you can vote and win stars(games equivalent to coins) if you win. Overall it is a great game and I would recommend it. Muito bom!

This game is good but I can't open all decorating items as it is is boring using the same decorating tolls Worth a go!

it is a nice game and graphics are very beautiful i like all the things but we cannot unlock smoothie , wedding cake etc.. if it is unlocked it is a very great game and if these are unlocked all can play this game any way i love this game Perfect

Wonderfull and supperb superb superb game it tells about how to make and wonderfull cakes are made and the most important part is that there are judjes to eat cake and there we can put our photograph in the cake sooo sooo much wonderfulll game Good

it is a nice game and graphics are very beautiful i like all the things but we cannot unlock smoothie , wedding cake etc.. if it is unlocked it is a very great game Perfect!

The gameplay is awesome!But you are not allowing me to choose all the variations.Ok but at a stage it's not loading!! That's too bad and I request you to fix it.Please Highly Recommend.

I've bought this game bcs too annoying with the ads. But i already finish and try make all type of cake and sadly it didnt move to the other stage. I regret bought this game. Great job

I LOVED THIS GAME, but still some things were locked and it was very and idk wat to say but other than that this game is amazing Just wow

Well.. its ok i guess. Decorating it was the fun part but it keeps loading so slow. Its very slow. And theres too much ads which takes alot of my phone battery Well done!!

I think it's a great game it's self but every time I try and play on it I make the first cake in the tutorial then when I go to the competition and ad comes on then the game freezes a day starts from the beginning plz fix this its a good game and I will download again and change my rating Worth a go!

It's the most awesome game I have ever played it's just that I don't see why u have to wait so long to go to a new place and then there is no point which is really sad and which is annoying like I want to make a smoothie but I can't cause it's locked that's nonsense now I can only make a cupcake and cake Muito bom!

It doesn't allow you to play even level two its just loads nothing else dont play this game Brilliant

I liked it the only part I did not like was that it took forever to load the rest was incredible I love that y you can decorate however you like. But the makers should add skip buttons to the beginning like if you don't want to go threw the whole process you can press skip and then that's that you can decorate. Great!

1st I've had this game before 2nd the 1st time I installed this game it only took 3minutes to install and I don't mind that but when it takes 30 minutes that just gets me a bit mad. 3rd I don't know if it has to do with my phone but 30 minutes to install is unexceptable Well done!!

I think its ok but I wanted to try the wedding cake and the smoothie maker but their both locked I was thinking many games have in app purchase but why its just a game but I still downloaded it because woah not many locks than I expected so its ok 3stars Cool

it's good but everything is locked I love this game but every thing is locked and we have to buy that Muito bom!

I liked it but when I bake the Princess cake and keep it in the oven after that the girl only looks but it doesn't work. I would have given a five star if there was no problem like this Recommend

It is the very nice game and i think so it will be the populest game in the world. But can you cut that 'take full various 'please becase there are so many people they can't take full veirous and I am also from them ,I don't have money to pay that .so please, byyyyyy.☺ Brilliant

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