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My sister told me about it, and it's so awesome!! It still ha s bugs, though. When you feed the pink dog, it looks FREAKIN' POSSESSED!! Enjoy it!

Many of the levels are locked and to unlock them we need to pay some amount otherwise its very very nice but if you could solve this problem then I would love this app.. ..... love it

It stuck on loading been 30mins now just left it and still nothing have not a happy child here Just wow

Well, I enjoy the free version but the amount of ads is ridiculous. It lags out the game to where you can't finish whatever you were making. The game is slightly screwed up, and I refuse to pay just for good gameplay. It's still ok. Not bad

I love it it's so much fun and Amazing and I love making cakes and other things like cookies and it is very very super super fun but the wedding cake and smoothies and other stuff but I still LOVE IT Surprisingly

Overall the game was good but too much ads whenever I try to get more stars it takes me to the shopping bit and one time I was almost finishing a cake and it reset all my progress!! Highly Recommend.

The only thing is that I can't install the full version so plz help me out I am very eager to play the full version Must have


The game is one of the greatest game of India .I like this game because I think the game is good for a girl child . So I install this app for my daughters . They are very happy when they play this game . Marvelous

I LIKE THIS GAME But it has to look like reality otherwise I'd like it as the best cake game I've ever played Brilliant

This is the best cooking game I have ever played. But when I make the cake a video comes and when the video is over it hangs and I can't do the decorations. love it

I loved this game please I request of cocoplay to make more games like this I LOVED this game Go well

This was a great game but it had trouble loading at some parts but over all a really game game with just a few bug I would totally recommend it Perfect!

This game is crazy.I want to make cupcakes or open a new kind of cake they don't allow me. love it

It is best for small girls like age 5-8 years old girls but I am 10 years old and I loved it very much Works great

I love this game. It's like I'm baking in my kitchen. I'm only 9 so I can't bake on my own, but with this I can. Awesome

I don't like having to reset my phone every time I make a cake... It's a nice game wow lol

I loved this game bcz this is the plan of making the cake and learning it so those who don't now the cake they can understand about it Muito bom!

Very good game, but we have to buy the things with our own money for decoration the cake,which is expensive for us.So plz fix it... Highly Recommend.

This game is great, wonderful fantastic I Rate this game because it is very good Game. I learn that we can also can Make cakes by ourself by making cake from Games also that's it COCO game is wonderful game I LOVED it Works perfectly

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