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I love this game ,but why can't it came with all the levels opened or even if they want to install using data not money y I don't even have an account, which one am I going to use? Amazing!

I love this game very much It is so fine nothing wrong. I have download many games of cake but there is not so'favourite game never seen Muito bom!

please you guys should unlock the locked features because i like the game if u don't unlock it it will become boring Fabulous!

This is very interesting. I like you cake designs and the flavour of the cake I like the customers. I also like the contests. I will win the first price in all contesrs . thank you Go well

I would recommend it for ages 4-8 because it really is just mixing and dumping but I enjoyed the final product Perfect

Vry gud game bt again same problem we have to buy the things wid our own money nd if we don't buy then we have to design the same cakes again nd again otherwise it is a vry gud game.Plz fix it!!! Highly Recommend.

I love baking cakes.This game is good for me. But I can't get certain decorations that I want .And I'm very creative so it hurts if I can't create sometimes. Omg

I loved this game it is very nice but if it's all will open it will be the there is no need to lock something other wise nice game 5 star

I could have given 5 Amazing!

Love the endless creativity. Definitely worth paying for. Very relaxing. Cute graphics. Very laid back game. One thing I'd like to see the developer add, would be holiday cake or cupcake options. Worth a go!

Well I do wish most of the things were NOT looked other than that its a great game Amazing!

I downloaded this game for my 3 year old brother and he loves it, but it does have it's flaws. Way too many adds and they slow down the game Superb!

It's very very interesting I like it so much It is best game in the world but some levels are locked i want to open without rate Not bad

I love this game but it has many ads and when it come at the end we can not finish what we have make nut it is a very good game Cool

Love this game, very addicting BUUUUUTTTT TOO MUCH DAMN AD'S. Someone who doesn't have patience should not play this cause the ads are ridiculous. Great game concept but too many ads Perfect!

A lot in the game is locked they should somehow allow players to unlock without purchasing it.. like have it as a reward.. its a nice game butbit gets boring.. Fantastic

For me it wasin't that good of a game but maybe for you it is so downlode it and sea for your self Worth a go!

I loved it because we can feed the animals and the little baby. We can also got to knew that how to prepare cake. When I vote cakes or cupcakes always my cake is the best ans on first. Perfect!

The game is really cool...but the think is its not free...really disappointing that cant unlock new things and play some levels...atleast u could mention its not for free before installing...very very bad...plzz make it free.. Must have

I like this game a lot it looks like it is real life when you go to the shows. Please download it. It is so cool Recommend

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