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It's really Good app because I tried to make 1 of the cakes and it worked, wow. Enjoy it!

Amazing game I love it I can't express my feeling for this game in my words . Decorating a 3d cake Highly Recommend.

It's a very nice game, but in the next update I wish that all the locked things should be unlocked.... Works perfectly

This game is Awesome which i have never played..... Good

I like this game very much. I love it. In this game we have to cook different types of cakes. It is funny . But one problem there are so many adds. Works perfectly

It's amazing. I really enjoyed it . My mouth also Waterd once after I finished making. Hahahahaha. U must download it its really interesting n cute game love it

It's fun and i think it shows you to bake a cake i love it very fun game try it now and you will see it's good game it's not boring Omg

It is very good game and we can also learn many skills ..... and I suggest all of you to play this fantabulous game .. I LOVE IT Pretty good

I really liked it but to much of the game has to be bought before you can play that area or use it. Just wow

This game is very fun to play Worth a go!

I loved it but me jb bhi juice or wedding cake Banane jati hu to Lock or full version Lilkha hua aata h cake bnta hi nhi 5 star

Cute but has very weird people in the game and you have to vote on whose is better and that is not right to judge people on there food. Fantastic

I love it but the whole thing should be open and I hate that it has add every time it done making something but I love it but it's not that interesting that much I think you should make level so the higher you get everything open and you should get the city whatever it is bigger. BUT I LOVE IT Surprisingly

There should be able to cook to eg of food Pretty good

I like this game because it makes me make real cakes and let me does what I want in I love all this thing I can decorate you I can make your haircut I can dress you up that's so an icon love it

My fav cake is chocolate and vanilla because it's delicious and I love the gameplay it's awesome the controls are not hard this game is so eggcelent get it anyways I put 5 stars because I love it :D Perfect

Some games are locked and it is boring . Some times I like game very much when I am bored Flawless

Hi, i like this game BUT, would you'll plz ,make it a little earlier to get star's and maybe once in a while give us a free gift like the places that are not unlocked can be the gift for the day ,other wise i like it Good

I Love This App........ because in the cup cake we have a lot of fun. Me and cousin are seeing the playstore to play the more gorjious game. Then I see this game i to my cousin to download this game. Iwant to play this game. Then she download this game and playing with me. I take alot of fun in this game. He/she is very crazy lazy moodziiiii person who don't like this game. ''I LOVE THIS GAME'' Awesome

A extra fun for me bcz I have unlocked every thing with money this game Is fun really fun I love coco game pls make more games like this game only keep it up Great job

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