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This app works great across my other devices. I don't think you can change your email address once you signed up. It's a great app to keep all your passwords safe. Superb!

Recently updated, this remains king. More features than the other managers, more powerful. Excellent tech support. Best of all of them. Flawless

Great flexible program to store passwords and other private informaton. Love that an item can be assigned to more than one category. Wish it was possible to edit Custom field names to fix typos or make other changes rather than having to reenter the text. Awesome

Have purchased the premium package on my I Phone but it won't sync with my Android device Surprisingly

Still the best. Recently updated, this remains king. More features than the other managers, more powerful. Excellent tech support. Amazing!

Fingerprint unlock option? With newer phones having fingerprint sensors. Can you integrate unlocking via that method? Fabulous!

I mainly like it but it would be much more secure if the HIDE/UNHIDE feature was not global for all records. For example, if you happened to have REVEAL hidden items toggle set last time you were looking at something, and later, on next use, it will open again as REVEAL even if you are looking at another record, which might be more sensitive data. Ideally there needs to be a preference for each record, and until that setting in preferences is introduced, the app should open with the global hidden items toggle as HIDDEN. It's been out a while, should have been improved by now. Other than that, it's pretty good, the cloud syncing between devices seems robust. Works perfectly

Great but needs updating still! Still can't duplicate an existing entry or force an entry to be hidden. Unbelievable that you still can't select by alphabet like the Apple version. A scroll bar doesn't show the whole alphabet in one screen like the Apple version! It merely shows what is already on the left side of the screen! Flawless

Best Passwords storage platform I have used Passwords Plus since I got my first PDA. I was able to sync my PDA with my PC or laptop, automatically, whenever my PDA was docked in its cradle. This new version allows me to automatically sync data between my phone, tablet and PC via a secure cloud-based system. Now, my data is portable & available wherever I am, no matter which device I am using. Highly recommended. Well done!!

Great app! *** however You can purchase Evernote, SkyDrive, SugarSync, RoboForm, etc for one account and install on various platforms, however; Password plus you will have to purchase separately for every operating o. The 50%off Christmas Special could end up being your most expensive Christmas purchase! Great app for $4.99 but not $60 by the time you sync all your devices! Good

As secure as you make it A very good program for storing passwords, there are a lot of templates built in and if you wish to do so Password Plus will create passwords for you from simple to extremely complex. Give it a try, I believe that you will like it Pretty good

very good. but if i give five stars u will not improve more. it needs to improve some feutures to give it more freely Great job

Good, Basic password keeper but... I have had Dataviz products since the days of Palm Pilots. As far as I'm concerned Dataviz was the industry leader in many of its apps. I am worried about the lack of support and improvements to the Passwords Plus app. The app works but I am keeping my eyes open for a better supported app. Gonna try one out after writing this review.

Needs a quickfix I like to keep all my passwords in one place and found password plus very useful, but I am now having problems syncing between cloud computing and tablet and or computer I will sadly see it go to the app graveyard as it needs to be updated fast or consigned to the scrapheap. Fantastic

Passwords Plus Love it! Had the older version and when they finally had an upgrade, they walked me through how to get it setup and bring my current info into the upgraded version. It syncs beautifully on all four of my devices. So glad for the upgrade! Cool

Lots of accounts to access? Then this is the perfect place to store them for easy access of all your account details and their passwords. I have been using this for years on Android, Apple and Windows laptops and desktops.

Great but needs updating Request: allow an option to Hide passwords that aren't necessarily labelled as a password. Pretty good

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Great Been using it for around 4-5 years, very safe and secure. Just safe guard the same page number.

Good app needs search Update search feature works on nexus 7 2nd gen. Needs a search feature to find your items. Works well sync to desk top

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