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Smooth and fast app that has the needed functionality. Of course there's plenty of room for improvement and I'm sure that the IT team behind it wouldn't disappoint. Perfect

Decent app that faithfully recreates the website experience. The positives (and negatives) of Parship still stand: good personilty quiz, mostly real and active accounts, it just works well. However the subscription is very expensive and you really can't do anything without one. Well done!!

A bit hard to get in kontact with the other people and not very easy to find your way through the controles love it

Okay Es ist ganz gut. Nur mit der App kann man ziemlich wenig an seinen eigenen Daten ändern. Amazing!

Überflüssig Nehmt stattdessen die mobile Website. Die App hat nicht mal die Hälfte der Features dieses Dienstes.

Limited functionality Not very intuitive to use. Cannot edit profile, does not save draft messages, does not notify if a suggested profile is inactive. Odd mix of languages making some notifications hard to understand.

Looking for the love of my live Hi everone im new to the team so ill need some of your sugustion how to go about getting a date

#dating-website Not bad with a couple of technical issues on the galaxy s4! Decent app, a little slow to load but since moving to the galaxy s4 I no longer get the new message notifications and a message popping up regularly saying that "an error has occurred". Can someone sort this out please?

Good one! It works well. Especially the alarms when a new massage arrives. The website doesn't refresh automatically so it is useful to have the app on all the time.. Recommend to download PARSHIP - partner search APK.

The app is kinda OK but how do you turn off the auto correction ...! The app is kinda OK but how do you turn off the auto correction function? It's more than annoying when you're non-english

Could be much better It's almost impossible to edit anything other than very short messages. Also going back to the main menu is very slow, stepping back thru all menus. And it's not possible to edit your profile. In short, it could be far better than it is.

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