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Love it! Tracks multiple packages at the same time and can use any shipping company. Notifies when parcel is put for delivery so you know what day to be home waiting instead of possibly missing the parcel and having to wait in line at the post office. Favourite app ever. Fabulous!

I really like this app but I have one issue with it. For whatever reason, I'm unable to copy (& paste) the address of my ParcelTrack inbox that displays at the top of the 'Inbox' section: it shows as non-selectable text in the app. So essentially I can't use the Inbox feature at all, which is a bummer. Hope it gets fixed!!! Worth a go!

For the most part I like it. I'm not sure that I have it completely fingered out tho. I've tracked 3 parcels, and a 4th currently being tracked to date. So far it's been Johnny on the spot. 4 stars is the best anyone will get outta me. I've gotta be totally blown away to give out 5. I'll definitely recommend it to others. Amazing!

Liked it as a non-premium user enough to pay for premium. The money left my account but now the app keeps crashing and it says I'm not a premium user. Frustrated since I can't even use the app anymore Works great

Updates to package status are listed long after the change takes place. Packages will be delivered before this app will even show an "Out for delivery" status. App is unable to resolve a change in carriers which must be done manually. Recommend using carriers' own apps. This all-in-one doesn't work. Just wow

This is the standard that other apps should follow. It has everything you need to track most shippers that I'm aware of. It isn't good for Wish, but nobody is, even Wish itself. Try it, you'll like it! It's even worth paying for, I did. Amazing!

I receive a lot, and I do mean a lot, of packages. Up until recently ParcelTrack has been amazing to keep tabs on all my expected deliveries without having to manage multiple apps and websites. However, in the last month or so, the estimated delivery dates listed in ParcelTrack have been a day or two off from the information provided to me by the shipping companies if I go directly to their sites/apps. I don't know where or how ParcelTrack is getting incorrect information. I'm still going to use the app, but for really important packages I need to be precise for signing for - I'll have to keep using the shipping companies' websites. Perfect!

This app is incredible. Clean design, easy to use, and by far the best tracking system. This app is a must-buy for frequent buyers and sellers globally, with one exception. Some tracking services are not fully supported, like China Post. I would like to see that be fully supported in the future. Great app. Go well

Great tracking app.. I actually got the paid version but it has a hard time connecting to the server and I can't get push notifications Fabulous!

I love it! Only thing is when it notifies me of a package being "out for delivery" and I click it, my phone freezes and I have to reset it. Works great

Great app. I tried the free version and loved it. Paid for the premium version to get the inbox integration but doesn't work. I emailed 3 times and left messages on Facebook and Twitter but no contact. That is why I only gave it three stars. Without the inbox I should of just stuck with the free version. It works good just have to manually input. DO NOT PURCHASE THE APP, PAID OPTIONS DO NOT WORK AND THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT. FREE VERSION IS FINE. WISH I HAD SAVED MY MONEY! Cool

I really like it sadly it keeps crashing whenever I switch to a different app. Update: UPS tracking lags behind Great job

A great app that has crashed my device twice when tapping notifications. Galaxy S8 with latest updates installed. Nice design and functionality but forces restarts. Great!

So far, the interface is much cleaner and easier to use than other aps. Nothing is misspelled or has bad glaring grammar mistakes, if that bothers you. I'm using the paid version to try out the inbox feature. Unfortunately, a lot of the confirmation emails I get for my shipments don't actually contain the tracking numbers in the body, so I don't know how useful the inbox feature ultimately will be. I do like the concept though. Go well

The app is good but the widget is irritating. I'll be on constant wi-fi and it keeps telling me (in the widget) "Sorry, no internet connection. Reconnect and tap the widget to update." All I have to do is tap the widget and it loads again but it's mildly irritating that it doesn't just show. Brilliant

Really love the notifications for package check points, however today it has said that it can't connect to the server on both my tablet and my phone. Besides that it's an awesome app! Works perfectly

Love the app and convenience of just forwarding your emails containing a tracking number, which in turn automatically gets added to the app. Amazon emails seem to get stuck in "queue" and never get tracked though... Manually adding tracking numbers supplied by Amazon do work, however. If you need support though, you won't get any from the developer... They don't answer. It's too bad this app isn't open source either. Worth it!

This autodetects tracking numbers on your clipboard even when you've copied a link (ie, not just the tracking number by itself). It also autodetects the courier and the notifications are very customizable. Love it! love it

Pretty good. Great about keeping multiple deliveries with multiple carriers. Wish they had a better way of picking shippers as they don't help in figuring out the numbers. Also, to edit most things you really have to start over Fantastic

Easy to use, attractive ui. Bought premium. Tracked one UPS, one Ontrac yesterday. Both deliveries arrived within 15 minutes of each other. ParcelTrack correctly updated UPS delivered status with push notification and in the widget and app. Even after multiple refresh, ParcelTrack did not update delivered status for Ontrac (no push notification or in the widget or app). The Ontrac website indicated delivered. Deleted Ontrac item from ParcelTrack and added back. Then ParcelTrack indicated delivered for Ontrac. I'll give four stars this first test as a courtesy. Brilliant

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